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In-store appointment: how to relaunch sales and personalize the customer experience? RougeGorge Lingerie: a case study

The COVID-19 crisis has forced retailers to modify the services they offer to combine economic recovery with health security. Relaunching sales and personalizing the customer experience have become a priority, and these have been made possible, in particular, by the implementation of in-store appointments. Our client RougeGorge Lingerie implemented this omnichannel solution, which they named ‘Click & RDV RougeGorge’.

CONTACTLESS CLICK & COLLECT: How do you safely prioritize order fulfilment from stores?

Since 15 June, non-essential businesses have been able to reopen and customers have returned to stores by following social distancing rules and health guidelines. OneStock offers a range of solutions, adapted to this post COVID-19 context, that can be quickly deployed to boost sales. Here, we focus on a popular delivery method, Contactless Click & Collect.