How data helps to define the new retail experience?

On Wednesday 24th June, OneStock will participate in an exclusive webinar dedicated to retail and data. Organised by Clekt Innovation Hub in association with the London College of Fashion, this event seeks to combine industry expertise and academic theory around the topic of “Data Driven Retail post Covid-19: Bringing together latest thinking, experience and innovation”.

Why is data important for retailers in this post Covid19 period?

Data is everywhere, it is crucial for businesses and informing key decisions but astonishingly 73% of company data goes unused which means that too many businesses aren’t benefiting from the potential locked inside their most important corporate asset. 
Data is a strategic tool for retailers, it allows them to better understand their clients. Data can share a lot of information about: 

  • Customer profile: social class, marital or parental status, …
  • Customer behaviors and habits: favorite delivery mode, store they visit the most, …
  • Customer tastes: order history, wishlist, online product recommendation thanks to cookies, …
  • Stores and e-commerce: number of daily/monthly sales, global efficiency, stocks, most viewed items, …

To have a better understanding of these changes, Clekt and the London College of Fashion brings together carefully selected technology organisations that define the new retail experience through the use of data: Dixons Carphone, Skafos, Looker and OneStock.

OneStock: an omnichannel technology based on data

OneStock is a strategic partner to retailers by offering a profitable Order Management System. Thanks to stock unification ( DC warehouse, stores and suppliers) Order Management  allows retailers to run omnichannel solutions (Ship From Store, Order in Store, Click & Collect, …) to improve their sales thanks to data:

  • Unified stock: unique view for all the information about the available stock, reporting of stock on all channels, stock updates in real time, …
  • Omnichannel scenarios: number of daily/monthly sales on every channel, global efficiency, generated turnover, …
  • Omnichannel analytics: omnichannel order tracking, order management, …

To understand how our data can help your brand to: increase order volumes, sell stock faster, improve profitability, whilst providing a unique customer experience, join us for the webinar!

Practical information

“Data Driven Retail post Covid-19: Bringing together latest thinking, experience and innovation” a 90min webinar via a tool called blackboard collaborate
Date: Wednesday 24th June 2020
Time: 12.30 UK time
Registration: Event Bride

Speakers: Andy Tudor, CEO at Clekt - Hannah Middleton, Knowledge Exchange Leader at London College of Fashion - Anthony Morris, Director Data, Analytics & Insight at Dixons Carphone - Jody Stoehr, VP Revenue at Skafos - Steve Morse, Head of sales at Clekt - Alan Morris, Chairman at Clekt - Romulus Grigoras, CEO at OneStock



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