Give your store staff the power to deliver a highly personalised experience to every customer

From purchasing history, to products seen on the web and product recommendations, give your stores all the tools to engage in a lasting and personalised relationship with your customers.

Turn the online shopping experience into an omnichannel experience

Customers come into stores informed by their research online and they sometimes have more information than your store assistants. Our clienteling solution allows stores to take back control of the customer relationship by continuing the online experience in a personalised way. This is done by consulting a list of previously purchased products and those on the customer’s wishlist. Store staff have access to stock from the closest store in cases where an item is not in stock in their store and can also help customers to choose complementary products thanks to our recommendation search engine.

Re-invent the in-store experience

Clienteling is nothing new, any good local shopkeeper knows his everyday customers and has a special relationship with them. In omnichannel retail it is about providing store staff with relevant customer data coming from all channels (website, social networks, stores), so that they can offer the best service and advice in store.

Product recommendations and discounts can be customised for every store visit. Store staff can continue this relationship after the visit thanks to the “Look-book” and emailing feature, to let their customers know when they receive new items that they may like, or to invite them to a VIP event.

With OneStock you will be able to follow how often the clienteling tool is used, and the features most used by your sales team, and above all measure its impact on purchases made by customers who have been advised.

What are the benefits of clienteling?

By empowering your store staff with tools that connect customer and product data across all channels, you can deliver a highly personalised and unified buying experience.

Increase the value of your customers over the time that they shop with you

Improve the way you serve your customers

Enhance the status of the sales staff in the customer journey

Put the customer at the centre of the shopping experience

Make key customer data available to store staff

Increase the average basket value in store

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