Improves the buying experience and boosts web sales thanks to Ship From Store

Since November 2017, OneStock has been supporting the famous British fashion retailer Monsoon, in the development and optimisation of its omnichannel strategy, most notably by deploying Ship From Store. The company, made up of the two brands (Monsoon and Accessorize) has around 1,000 outlets in 47 countries, including more than 330 in the UK.

Ship From Store improves order management

At the start of 2017 the company began a technology transformation programme in order to place the customer at the heart of all its processes. Always at the forefront of innovation, the brand, with the support of management and all departments, was keen to activate new omnichannel facets including Ship From Store.

By unifying all the stock points Monsoon stores are now in a position to ship a product as soon as the style becomes unavailable online, increasing the number of items available for sale. As a result more than £1.4 million of sales was generated through Ship From Store in the first month following activation of OneStock!

Even though Ship From Store means additional tasks for store staff, the process was immediately adopted to satisfy the incremental demand in online traffic, which previously had led to missed sales. In addition sales staff have also taken on the role of regulating store stock by using the OneStock portal to report when products cannot be shipped (e.g. missing, defective, reserved by a customer or subject to local markdown).

We have been delighted with the Ship From Store solution from the word go. The project was delivered in less than 5 months and rapidly adopted by store colleages due to software being so intuitive to use. By being cloud based One Stock also aligns with our broader technology strategy.
Andy Tudor - Technology & Data Director at Monsoon
Andy Tudor
Technology & Data Director at Monsoon

Fashion Finder: turning the stock-outs issue into a marketing success

Monsoon has chosen to brand its Ship From Store capability as "Fashion Finder" and has skilfully played the transparency card with its customers. Now, rather than seeing particular styles greyed out or unavailable items, customers are informed that whilst the product is not available online, it is still possible to order it. The order will simply be shipped from a store instead. The brand warns that where a customer’s basket contains several items, the customer is likely to receive several parcels. Monsoon has thus succeeded in increasing its online sales.


orders placed on 27/12/17


in the first full month thanks to Ship From Store


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Ship From Store brings success during sales and key trading events

By displaying a high proportion of ranges held in store on its website, Monsoon has significantly increased the number of articles available online. When the sales are on, the increased customer demand is now met by connecting online shoppers with stock held in store. Key trading events, such as Black Friday, have shown a meteoric rise in sales as a direct consequence of implementing Ship From Store. Finally the first day of the ladieswear summer sale in 2018 saw record-breaking turnover!

Ship From Store is a transformational project for our business, an important milestone on the road to become a fully integrated omnichannel retailers. We've been extremely pleased with the large number of orders and satisfied customers we've been able to serve thanks to Fashion Finder! It's now time to look at other customers journeys (Click & Collect, Order in store...) and benefit from the synergy with Ship From Store so that we increase the customer satisfaction and optimise our fulfilment operation.

Paul Allen - Chief Executive Officer at Monsoon
Paul Allen
Chief Executive Officer at Monsoon

Stock Unification: a standard of tomorrow's retailers

Thanks to the unification of store, warehouse stock and DC warehouse, Monsoon has thus improved the shopping experience of its customers, optimised the flow of its inventory and increased its online turnover. Deployed in less than five months, OneStock has been quickly connected with the existing ERP (Aptos Mercatus) and the carrier (DHL).

In terms of future projects and always with a view to improving the customer journey, Monsoon hopes to take advantage of this new stock management capability to optimise its Click & Collect service and to reduce collection times to less than two hours.

Omnichannel features deployed for Monsoon

From Store

Unified Click & Collect