Online sales lift with introduction of Ship From Store

Contemporary British fashion brand Whistles has recorded a 10% lift in online sales since the introduction of Ship From Store in July 2018.
The brand works closely with OneStock on the development of their omnichannel Order Management System which includes: stock unification, Ship From Store and unified Click & Collect service.

OMS: The essential tool for a profitable omnichannel strategy

Whistles launched with OneStock OMS in July 2018, enabling the brand to fulfil an increased number of orders regardless of the channel used and the delivery point selected. By unifying their entire inventory, the brand has automatically increased the number of products available online.

The brand launched with an initial pilot of 10 stores and following a successful launch the business expedited the roll out to 100% of their stores within two weeks. Today Ship From Store contributes to 15% of the brand's e-commerce dispatch.

The OneStock in-store application is compliant with all devices: POS system, tablet and smartphone, providing store teams with a step-by-step guide through collection, packing and carrier processes.

The OneStock OMS has been interfaced quickly and easily with existing systems including: Salesforce Demandware (e-commerce) / Merrett (ERP) / DPD (carrier) and Infinity (POS system).

50% uplift in Black Friday sales with Ship From Store

Ship From Store has provided the Whistles website with its highest stock availability rates on record, allowing the business to sell products from its distribution centre as well as direct from their 54 stores. This has proved crucial to the brands success during key trading periods.

OneStock OMS was identified as a key contributor to achieving record breaking Black Friday sales, with e-commerce sales lifting over 50% vs prior year. With Ship From Store, the Whistles retail team shipped over 6 times the orders than an average day due to increased product availability.


of online sales thanks to Ship From Store


of e-commerce sales in Black Friday


of Click & Collect orders optimised by OneStock

Delivery in store thanks to unified Click & Collect

Click & Collect is a preferred delivery option by Whistles customers, who can choose the destination store regardless of whether the product is available or not. Unified Click & Collect helps to improve costs and enhance the customer experience by optimising stock shipments and executing customer communications.

The OneStock orchestration engine selects the optimal supply point to fulfil the order, for example: the stock of the selected store, transferred from the nearest store, or the store with the highest stock. OneStock optimises more than 17% of Whistles Click & Collect orders, maximising the margin and profitability of orders.

Improve the in-store customer proposition

Since launching the new omnichannel solutions in July 2018, the Whistles e-commerce website has experienced significant conversion growth driven by the increase in stock availability.

Whistles are working with OneStock to drive innovation in the retail sector, exploring ways of using the data held by OneStock, complemented by their CRM data to bring an enhanced experience for store teams and customers within their stores.

Omnichannel features deployed for Whistles

From Store

Unified Click & Collect