Omnichannel order analytics
Manage your order processes and optimise your profitability

In order to help you better understand and use data from omnichannel orders and shipping points, we provide a full set of customisable, detailed reports. These detailed reports allow you to optimise profitability by monitoring activity levels, increasing the number of orders, editing the orchestration rules, decreasing the number of splits, etc.
To allow the right people access to the information that is relevant to them, we provide two different types of omnichannel analytics, one dedicated to head offices and one dedicated to store managers.

Omnichannel analytics interfaces dedicated to head offices

The head office interface gives an overall vision of omnichannel orders and offers different levels of analysis for executives:
Real-time operations tracking

Number of items claimed / processed / shipped, number of orders handled via OneStock, order details by scenario, performance tracking by point of sale.

Order tracking

Number of orders claimed and fulfilled, number of items and parcels processed, details by order sourcing location.

Tracking of the effectiveness of shipping points

Statistics about orders claimed, fulfilled and shipped by scenario (Ship from Store, Click & Collect, etc) and by store.

Tracking of the average duration to fulfil an order for each shipping point

For a given period, the duration to fulfil each step of the order process by scenario and by store.

Orchestration rules efficiency tracking

Order statistics by orchestration rule.

Omnichannel analytics interfaces dedicated to store managers

The store dashboard is fully customisable thanks to widgets and it provides information in real time to store managers about their statistics, key performance indicators and current operations:
The overall turnover generated via OneStock daily or for a given period
The turnover generated by each scenario
The number of items and the number of orders sent via each scenario
Details of orders to be fulfilled for each step of the process

Continuous monitoring of OneStock omnichannel analytics allows:

  • retailers to optimise their omnichannel scenarios by adjusting different criteria and orchestration rules
  • stores to improve the efficiency of stock flow

OneStock experts are there to support your teams in order to improve performances thanks to careful management of your orchestration rules.

Why are omnichannel analytics useful?

Omnichannel analytics offer better control of your OneStock scenarios by allowing you to:

Benefit from detailed analysis that is useful to Senior Management

Boost agility in stores

Optimise profitability

Track your key performance indicators

Customise your orchestration rules

Adapt your order processes

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