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Order Management System

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In this guide to Order Management Systems, we address the following major themes:

  • E-commerce: optimising customer experience
  • Facing retail challenges by equipping your sales teams with efficient tools and processes
  • Agility, flexibility, precision: the supply chain must adapt... and quickly
  • Trends to be anticipated for an OMS that can withstand the test of time

Aimed at CEOs, Digital, Retail, Supply Chain Directors & CIOs, our OneStock experts have developed this White Paper to outline the key requirements of an agile OMS that will support their vision of tomorrow’s retail world. With the rate of change in retail accelerating faster than ever, an OMS needs to stand the test of time, adapting to these on-going changes to deliver sustained value.

Drawing on studies, market analyses and surveys of more than 50 major European retailers, we are pleased to offer our advice and opinions on the foundations of an OMS that will enable you to face both today’s challenges and those that tomorrow’s retail industry will bring!