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Business Intelligence: Deciphering omnichannel orders

For H1 2023

Welcome to the world of retail where decoding omnichannel orders is the key to profitability and customer satisfaction. In this dynamic landscape, understanding customer preferences and behaviors across sales channels is not just essential but a necessity for retailers.

Recognising the complexity of omnichannel strategies, OneStock has developed its BI Suite for business intelligence. This tool is dedicated to data analysis and strategic management, allowing OneStock clients to gain valuable insights into omnichannel orders through the Order Management System.

This report offers a deep dive into aggregated numerical data while preserving client anonymity. It covers industries, order compositions, and delivery methods, providing actionable advice for optimizing sales strategies.

Efficient order management hinges on understanding consumer habits and brand responses. The BI Suite empowers us and our clients to streamline order preparation processes for peak efficiency.

Join us in exploring:

  • Orders and their preparation
  • Delivery methods and their performance
  • Cancellations and returns

Our data is exclusively sourced from the OneStock Order Management System, spanning 70 global clients from January 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023.

At OneStock, we’re dedicated to helping you excel in the omnichannel landscape, armed with data-driven insights and unwavering commitment to your success. Welcome to a journey that will transform your approach to omnichannel operations.

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