Agile Omnichannel Cloud for Retail

Connecting demand with every corner of your brand

Unify your stocks

to eradicate online and in-store stock-outs

Apart from costing sales and eroding margins, poor stock availability is the biggest cause of customer dissatisfaction. OneStock's agile, value-based Ship From Store solution allows your website to sell products online that are out of stock in your DC but still available in some of your stores. Our store staff interface allows products to be shipped easily, from store to customers with a seamless experience.

Driving double digit online sales growth for cross-channel retailers, through the aggregation of stock silos, OneStock Ship From Store boosts online availability and allows fulfilment from store networks. Our solution is platform agnostic and compliments existing core/ legacy systems.

100 % Stock availability
20 % Web turnover increase
60 Days to rollout

OneStock Omnichannel Cloud

Plug & Play scenarios for omnichannel retailers

Ship From Store

Our ultimate stock optimisation solution allows stores to provide their own products to the website and other digital channels.

Augmented Click & Collect

Take advantage of consumers' data on all touchpoints to offer them customised in-store experience.

Point of Sale Digitalisation

Empower vendor devices with merchandising assistance based on unified omnichannel customer data.


Ship From Store

Eradicate stock-outs by making store stock available for online sales.

Augmented Pay&Collect

Add Pay&Collect delivery options, exploit online data to better seize in-store cross-sell opportunities.

Comprehensive Clienteling

Equip store staff with sales assistance software, connecting customer and product data from all touchpoints.

Mobile PoS

Enable store staff to take bankcard payment on their tablets.

Handy Inventory

Simple and intuitive vendor interface for stock take, with an offline mode.

Augmented Reserve&Collect

Drive traffic to stores by allowing online shoppers to reserve items in the store of their chosing.

Personal Stylist

Offer demanding customers a unique experience by getting them to book in-store personal appointments.

Cross-channel Merchandising

Exploit data from all touchpoints to push the most relevant products on any interface.

More under development

Be avant-gardist and fulfill your business potential thanks to an ever-improving software.

Lightweight and value-based unification

of digital channels and physical points of sale
Quick and agile implementation
Minimal upfront cost
Significant ROI

In an omnichannel landscape where consumers’ expectations are at odds with the speed that businesses are able to respond due to technology restrictions, OneStock Omnichannel Cloud drives significant, yet agile omnichannel value for retailers and consumers alike.


White paper on product unavailability

Discover how fulfil from store enables retailers to eradicate stock-outs:

  • Outcome of a survey on product unavailability in the fashion, footwear and giftings industries
  • Stock unification and fulfil from store
  • Benefits and implementation
Download White Paper

Phase Eight case study

The fashion retailer recorded major improvements after enabling its online channels to sell products that were not available in the central stock:

  • 20% annual increase in web turnover
  • 16% increase in online conversion rate
  • £9 million increase in online turnover
View Case Study

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Eradicate stock-outs by making store stock available online

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