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A tablet showing a digital copy of the eGuide titled, 'Retail OMS - Should you Build or Buy? 7 pivotal points to consider' with a double-page preview of the contents showing key considerations, including the complexity of implementation.

Retail OMS: Should you Build or Buy?

Discover the 7 pivotal points to consider when deciding whether to build or buy an Order Management System (OMS)

In a sector where customers are spoilt for choice, delivering on promise matters. People are less likely to buy from a retailer if they experience product unavailability, and will switch loyalties if their order isn’t dispatched and delivered on time. Retailers recognise the need to offer fast, flexible, convenient fulfilment options – and most feel that digital optimisation is key to maximising order agility, efficiency and profitability in the omnichannel environment.

But whether you’re investing in an order management system for the first time, or looking to upgrade existing OMS software to something more sophisticated, the first question is universal: is it better to build or buy?

If you’re considering both options, download our latest eGuide to discover the 7 pivotal points to consider, to ensure you’re pursuing the most cost-efficient route for your business and the best experiential outcome for your customers.

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