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A tablet showing the cover of the whitepaper titled, 'Fashion retailers: is your existing OMS comprehensive enough?'

Fashion retailers: is your existing OMS comprehensive enough?

Discover the key omnichannel solutions an OMS needs in order to meet today’s evolving consumer expectations and adapt to changes within the fashion industry.

If there is one sector that has been particularly affected over the last few years and disrupted by the resulting trends, it’s fashion.

Between fast fashion giants, digitally native vertical brands, pure players and traditional retailers, there is now a wide range of business models on offer, and each comes with its own challenges. Brands have had to adapt to the rapid growth of ecommerce, the decline in store footfall, new consumer expectations and above all, the growing, and hugely important topic of sustainability.

With these challenges, retailers have had to truly embrace omnichannel, and it’s those brands that have been able to quickly implement solutions such as dark
stores, Click and Collect and remote selling, that have really succeeded.

However, none of these solutions can be implemented without an order management system, so how can fashion retailers truly make the most of their OMS to meet these new consumer expectations and adapt to industry changes?

In this whitepaper, specifically written for fashion retailers, discover: 

  • The latest trends in an ever-changing industry
  • How do you meet consumers’ expectations today?
  • Which omnichannel solutions can make a real difference to your customer experience?
  • How retailers are benefitting from distributed order management

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