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Understanding Order Management

Increase commercial performance, improve customer experience and achieve operational excellence with the Order Management System (OMS)

Designed to centralise, coordinate and track all order management information, the Order Management System (OMS) is involved from order creation to delivery and beyond. In a constantly evolving BtoB and BtoC commerce industry, order management is becoming a key factor in business success.

The omnichannel order management system (OMS) strengthens the performance across sales channels and optimises the preparation process, by unifying stocks and orchestrating each order according to business, commercial or environmental imperatives.

Our guide aims to demystify order management and explain why it’s not just a processing operation, but a fundamental pillar of success for BtoB and BtoC commerce.

Find out more:

  • The concepts and functionalities of the Order Management System
  • Logistics, supply chain and shop processes: the changes linked to OMS
  • The impact of OMS on the customer journey
  • The influence of OMS on sales performance
  • Some examples of OMS integration in different retail sectors: ManoMano, Hackett London and Pets at Home

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