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A Retail OMS: a mere accessory or a genuine necessity for luxury brands?

Discover the key benefits an Order Management System (OMS) brings to the luxury industry.

The luxury industry is in a class of its own. Founded on principles of exclusivity and excellence, the luxury industry has always prioritised its in-store experience and exceptional customer service. At the same time, luxury has also had to adapt to the rise of e-commerce and new consumer expectations. Many luxury brands have led the way with their digital offering, most recently, offering their products through multiple marketplaces.

With the sector’s expected growth “estimated to be worth €389 billion by 2025” according to Statista, and “online shopping expected to become the main channel for luxury goods purchases by 2025,” in findings from Bain & Company – it is imperative that luxury retailers have the right systems in place to accommodate the growing market.

The growing spending power of generations Y and Z, the emergence of social
selling and the large numbers of international shoppers, leave no other choice, luxury brands must adapt and digitalise their shopping journeys – and fast!

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover: 

  • How the luxury industry is adapting to the current climate
  • Why an OMS a necessity for luxury retailers in an omnichannel world
  • Which omnichannel solutions, supported by an OMS, can improve a retailer’s performance
  • A retail OMS: a mere accessory or a genuine necessity for luxury brands?

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