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Customer Experience Index 2023

Omnichannel Insights from over 300 European Merchants

Welcome to the world of Customer Experience (CX), where every interaction shapes how customers perceive your brand. From in-store experiences to online interactions, CX is a complex mix of factors that can significantly impact your business. OneStock firmly believes that technology is an enabler to give you a competitive edge in enhancing your CX.

From a business perspective, CX directly affects your revenue, with 86% of consumers willing to spend more for a better experience. Both in-store and online experiences matter, and merchants strive to deliver seamless shopping journeys by implementing various omnichannel solutions.

A poor CX can lead to the loss of customers, damaged brand reputation, and reduced profits due to lower sales and higher acquisition costs.

To help you assess your performance and compare it to your competitors, OneStock has developed the Customer Experience Index (CXI) benchmarking system.

This whitepaper delves into CXI data gathered from studying 300 European brands across various sectors and countries, revealing emerging CX trends in 2023 and beyond.

Join us as we uncover the intricacies of CX and explore insights that will reshape your approach to customer experience in the retail landscape.

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