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Truffaut : A new order orchestration strategy

OneStock and French Garden Centre chain Truffaut are very happy to announce the beginning of their collaboration around the group’s new omnichannel strategy.  

The company, a subsidiary of the Louis Delhaize group, wishes to offer more services to its clients by fully rethinking its digital environment.

By putting the OMS (Order Management System) OneStock at the center of its trading technology, the brand will have the ability to display a wider range of its catalog on the web and will offer enhanced logistics scenarios such as : ship from store, click & collect, eReservation, order from store, drop shipping,...

Currently rebuilding our information system, our goal is to put the customer in the center of our strategy. We wanted to benefit from an agile OMS in order to orchestrate our numerous logistics scenarios necessary to achieve this goal. Thanks to OneStock we will benefit from a unified view of all stocks, it will allow us to deploy and optimise all our omnichannel scenarios and also extend our range of product available online.

Edouard Iwaniec - Chief Information Officer at Truffaut

We will be back very soon with analysis of the first results following implementation of order orchestration for Truffaut.

If you would like more information about our order orchestration solution and its implementation, do not hesitate to contact one of our omnichannel experts.


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