Delivery Promise


Delivery Promise is the commitment made by companies to their customers regarding the time or date they can expect to receive their orders. It provides a clear and reliable estimate of when purchased products will be delivered, with automated workflows and communications to ensure customer expectations are met. Delivery Promise aims to build trust and loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and contribute to a seamless shopping experience.

of consumers won’t shop with a brand again if the delivery experience is poor

Why should you implement Delivery Promise? 

Increase customer satisfaction

Provide reliable inventory information and accurate delivery times that meet or exceed delivery expectations.

Improve online conversion rate

60% of online shoppers will abandon their cart if delivery options are unsatisfactory. (Source: Foundations of Tomorrow’s Retail)

Encourage repeat purchases

Positive delivery experiences can lead to repeat purchases. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to a retailer for future orders, increasing their lifetime value.

order management system delivery promise

Unique OneStock features

order management system delivery promise customer

Fully integrated Delivery Promise

OneStock is the only provider to offer a solution displaying a Delivery Promise on the product page and basket page, before checkout. This promise considers the size and weight of an order to select the best available carrier to transport the items and to display CO2 emissions.

Same-day delivery

OneStock’s OMS ensures a frictionless shopping journey with a same-day delivery option.

OneStock helps us to optimise our conversion rate because we have a better pool of stock to satisfy our customers. Also, thanks to Delivery Promise, we now provide accurate delivery times for that customer and stick to our SLAs. We can also inform the customer about delays and shipping issues.
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How can companies successfully implement Delivery Promise

For successful implementation, retailers need accurate inventory information across all channels and stock points to provide reliable delivery estimates based on product availability. This also requires the detailed capabilities of a retailer’s different carriers. For example, if the only carrier managing oversized items doesn’t deliver during weekends, this will influence the promise given to customers.

What information does Delivery Promise provide to customers?

The solution shares important information at each stage of the order process:
Product description page: All available delivery options are displayed. The customer is also informed of the remaining time to benefit from the Delivery Promise shown for each delivery option (i.e. an order cut-off time).
Shopping basket page: All delivery options, times, costs and carbon footprints can be displayed.

What if the delivery date cannot be met?

In some cases, circumstances may cause delays and the Promise can’t be met. Retailers should proactively communicate with customers and provide updates on their orders. Transparency and clear communication builds trust and allows customers to make informed decisions.

Why is Delivery Promise important for customers?

It is essential for customers as it sets clear expectations regarding product availability and when they can expect to receive their orders. It enhances customer satisfaction, reduces uncertainty and increases trust in the retailer’s service.

Does Delivery Promise apply to international orders?

Yes, it does! It generally applies to both domestic and international orders. However, delivery times for international orders may vary due to customs clearance and shipping regulations in the destination country.

What are the benefits of Delivery Promise?

The solution offers several benefits, including:
Positive brand perceptions: Thanks to a better experience with the brand throughout the ordering process, retailers who encourage customers to share their feedback on the delivery experience through customer satisfaction surveys or reviews will benefit from good ratings.
Highlight sustainability initiatives: Brands offering eco-friendly delivery options can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers
Build customer loyalty: Turn a one-time purchase into a repeat customer by meeting the Promise made during the sales process.
Improve customer experience: Make it easy for customers to find the information they need by displaying a full range of available delivery options

Which delivery methods can be displayed by Delivery Promise?

All available methods can be shown, for example:
Standard options: standard delivery, locker pickup
Express options: express delivery, next-day delivery, same-day delivery
Free options: free shipping, Click and Collect (BOPIS), curbside pickup
Scheduled delivery
Eco-friendly delivery: carbon-neutral shipping, hybrid delivery vehicles, bicycle deliveries

How can Delivery Promise support my CSR policy?

More than just indicating environmentally friendly delivery methods, delivery promises can help support sustainability goals by giving customers choices about:
Environmentally friendly packaging: with recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging materials
Minimal packaging options: giving customers the option to receive their orders with minimal packaging or to opt out of unnecessary extras
Consolidated shipping: to encourage customers to merge multiple orders into one shipment, reducing the number of carrier trips and emissions