A robust and modern SaaS platform for a reliable and agile experience


Multi-tenant and scalable platform

All our customers use the same platform and benefit from all the latest features

Microservice architecture

This architecture provides robustness and simplifies the management of the platform

API-first strategy

All OneStock functionalities are directly accessible via API

Headless commerce compatibility

Thanks to microservices, our OMS can be natively integrated into headless architectures

Data hosted in Europe

We guarantee 100% GDPR compliant management of your customers’ data

Simplified deployment and use in stores

The user interfaces are ergonomic, 100% web-based and accessible directly from any browser

The benefits of OneStock’s technology approach

High availability



Automatic scalability



A multi-tenant and scalable SaaS platform 

order management system architecture

100% SaaS

OneStock was developed as a SaaS solution from the very beginning to provide flexibility and agility to retailers around the world, based on a microservice architecture. Continuous investment in R&D allows us to regularly add new features and modules, which are available to all our customers.


From an infrastructure point of view, OneStock Order Management architecture offers automatic scalability and resilience to adapt to the real-time resource needs of all our retail customers i.e. new shop openings, sales, Black Friday, commercial operations.

Monthly updates

The OneStock roadmap is constantly evolving and is fuelled by research, studies, analysis and feedback from our User Club, made up of clients, omnichannel experts and European retail leaders.

“Always up to date!”

New modules and features can be activated, with one click, according to your needs. All updates are available to all customers. This avoids the nightmare of incompatible versions and laborious upgrades, saving you time and worry!

24-hour monitoring

OneStock’s teams ensure the security of operations through continuous monitoring of the platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The microservices architecture ensures that several components of the same type are always deployed. This means that all situations can be dealt with without any interruption of service. Backups are also frequently performed several times a day in at least two data centres.

Premium Disaster Recovery (DR) service

OneStock offers a premium Disaster Recovery (DR) service. This service allows for continuous synchronisation of your data with a remote data centre located in Germany. Synchronisation takes place in real time, with a delay of fewer than 30 seconds. No matter what happens, you won’t lose your data!

A modern, microservice-based technical architecture

Order Management architecture vmware
Order Management architecture docker
Order Management architecture docker-swarm
Order Management architecture debian
Order Management architecture go
Order Management architecture nodeJS
Order Management architecture mongoDB
Order Management architecture mongoDB
Order Management architecture redis
Order Management architecture rabbitmq
Order Management architecture elastic
Order Management architecture zerto
Order Management architecture Pingdom
Order Management architecture datadog
Order Management architecture OVH

A modern stack

OneStock Order Management architecture relies on modern, widely adopted and supported technologies to provide state-of-the-art services and optimal performance, including Golang, MongoDB, Redis, Docker.

Microservices architecture

OneStock Order Management architecture is made up of independent unitary services that communicate with each other for greater modularity, maintainability and scalability.


The microservices architecture simplifies the platform’s management and offers greater security thanks to independent control of each microservice and data isolation


Functionality updates and technological choices are made on small perimeters adapted to different needs, ensuring high availability (component redundancy) and optimal load aspiration (scalability), at a controlled cost.


Each microservice is automatically sized independently of the others, to efficiently absorb load peaks without slowing down the platform.

A headless API-first development strategy

order management system architecture APIs


All OneStock features are available as APIs, which are fully secure and easy to use (HTTPS REST), allowing you to tailor the use to your needs and systems. The solution comes with clear documentation designed for developers.

Headless API

Some APIs are designed to be directly accessible from the ecommerce frontend. They allow you to consult the stock of an item in real-time or to know the delivery promise for all existing delivery methods.

Easy integration

Thanks to the APIs, OneStock can be connected to your existing IT system quickly and easily (less than 3 months on average). The OneStock Onboarding team will support you or can take care of this connection work.

Headless commerce compatibility


There is not just one headless commerce architecture. Headless commerce captures the concepts of a microservices architecture applied to ecommerce frontends. The OneStock OMS is structured in this way. Ecommerce has everything to gain by following this path!

Expertise and compatibility

The OneStock onboarding teams have extensive experience in integrating OneStock with ecommerce, including in a headless architecture with one or more frontends. They have managed numerous projects of all sizes combining agility, performance and maintainability.

order management system architecture API first

Why is the MACH philosophy so important to the retail industry?

Servers in Europe and protected personal data


Data hosted in Europe

Data is hosted in Europe (France) in a secure environment at OVHCloud, the European leader in the cloud. Our data centre that allows us to implement the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is located in Germany


With OneStock your customers’ personal data will remain in Europe and will be processed in a GDPR compliant way

High Availability

OneStock hosts all data on a secure private cloud environment (ISO27001 and SOC1-2 certified) consisting of several physical servers ensuring high availability.

Simplified deployment and use in stores 

order management system interface

100% web-based and responsive architecture

The user interface is accessible straight from a web browser: nothing needs to be installed to use it, whether in-store or elsewhere.

Easy deployment

OneStock works from any device with a web browser: a phone, a PDA, a tablet, a computer.