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average increase in store sales from the very first month
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Order in Store overview

Order in Store, also known as Endless Aisle, is a fulfilment approach used by retailers that allows customers to order products online while visiting physical store locations. Unlike traditional in-store shopping, this service allows customers to access a wider range of products than those available on the store shelves.

Why should you implement Order in Store? 

Create new sales opportunities

By unifying inventory and offering an expanded product range, brands can tap into customer preferences with items that may not be available in their local store.

Improve the customer experience

Offer customers greater convenience and flexibility. With our solution, they can access a wider range of products, choose between in-store pickup and delivery options, and enjoy a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Empower your store associates

Allow store staff to play a greater role in the customer relationship, increasing their engagement and expertise by providing them with powerful new digital store tools.

Order in Store
OneStock feature


Mixed carts

In a single transaction, allow customers to purchase both items that are in-store (which they will leave with) and items that aren’t in-store (which will be delivered via their preferred method).


Pay by link

Offer customers a secure, next-generation payment solution. Sales staff simply send the payment link to the customer via email, SMS or WhatsApp so they can place the order. It couldn’t be easier.

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Endless aisle benefits for our customers

increase in store turnover in the first 6 months

The implementation of Order in Store is a real asset for our smaller shops, which can now sell our entire catalogue. We plan to continue Figaret’s omnichannel development with the aim of facilitating access to our clothes across all points of sale to offer the best possible shopping experience.

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How can retailers successfully implement Order in Store?

For an effective implementation, retailers will first need a Distributed Order Management System to benefit from a single, real-time view of all inventory and an efficient order fulfilment process. The OMS, linked to a Store App, displays all available quantities and locations for an item and intelligently orchestrates the order to ensure customers receive their item when they expect it.

How does Order in Store work?

While shopping in-store, customers can place an order for specific products that are currently out of stock in their local store. Store associates facilitate the order process and ensure that the items are sourced and made available for collection or delivery.

How long does it take to receive a purchase?

The time it takes to receive a purchase depends on factors like product availability and shipping options. Store associates will provide customers with an estimated timeframe during the ordering process. Moreover, customers can track their purchases using the retailer’s online tracking system and/or a link received by email.

Can customers return products ordered from another store?

Yes, products ordered from another store can be returned following the retailer’s return policy. They can either return the items to a store or follow the specified return process included in their package.

Can Order in Store be used for international orders?

It is typically used for fulfilling orders within the retailer’s network of stores or distribution centres. International orders may not be eligible for this service, but customers can enquire with the retailer for available options.

What are the benefits of Order in Store?

The solution offers several benefits, including:
An increase in store-to-web sales. In fashion retail, 7% of all orders come from Order in Store.
A comprehensive product offering for in-store customers, at any location, even if the item is missing from the store’s range.
Greater convenience, flexibility and a more satisfying shopping experience for customers

How will it change the daily work of store staff?

It empowers store associates by enabling them to offer a wider product assortment and involving them in the fulfilment of customer orders. This enhances their expertise and engagement, and provides additional sales opportunities, leading to greater job satisfaction.

Is there any special equipment required in store to use Order in Store?

The solution is easy to implement and only requires a device (tablet, phone, laptop) and WiFi to use the Store App, but in most cases stores already have this type of IT equipment available, so there’s no need to buy anything else.