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Automate, streamline and optimise the entire order lifecycle to maximise profitability and performance

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In today’s challenging business environment, achieving operational efficiency and omnichannel optimisation is crucial for staying competitive and profitable. OneStock’s cutting-edge order management solutions can help you minimise operational costs, streamline internal processes, and unlock improved omnichannel experiences for your customers.

Optimise the order lifecycle with intelligent orchestration & real-time analysis

Sophisticated order orchestration

OneStock’s Distributed Order Management system uses configurable logic-based rules to orchestrate and optimise the fulfilment of customer orders. These rules automate allocation of orders to the optimal stock location based on the fulfilment method chosen by the customer and the profitability, customer experience and sustainability objectives of the company.

Self-learning algorithms

Order orchestration is further optimised through the continuous analysis of inventory and stock location characteristics to accurately apply the configured business rules. OneStock’s self-learning algorithms take into account a range of optimisation levers in near real-time, including stock coverage, average order processing speed and the current workload of a stock location.

Real-time business intelligence

OneStock’s BI Suite is a data science tool that gives users a clear understanding of stock, location and carrier performance, so you can identify areas for improvement and take action to optimise omnichannel operations and order execution. This level of visibility leads to cost reductions, operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction.

Maximise employee efficiency with customised tools, processes & dashboards

Intuitive store application

Omnichannel retail processes are seamlessly integrated in a single easy-to-use store app. This allows staff to instantly access product, order and customer information, accurately and efficiently manage in-store ordering, fulfilment and returns, and elevate the overall customer experience. By enhancing the role of the store associate in this way, retailers can also improve job satisfaction and staff retention.

Simple workflow configuration

Order orchestration rules can be easily created and modified at any time using a visual, drag-and-drop interface in our Order Management Centre. This removes the need for IT intervention and allows businesses to react quickly to changing customer demands, business requirements and external influences.

Business intelligence

OneStock’s BI Suite provides prebuilt dashboards that monitor key performance indicators across various departments, with valuable insights for supply chain, retail, customer service and management teams. Data can be easily exported in a number of formats for ease of analysis and faster decision-making.

OneStock’s distributed order management solution gives us the flexibility to instantly change orchestration rules based on any business situation, whether that’s improving sell throughs or adapting to peak demand. The flexible configuration allows us to optimise our order fulfilment performance and maximise operational efficiencies.

Ramon Zevallos

Head of Retail
Hackett london

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