OneStock is the Distributed Order Management specialist

OneStock offers a feature-rich OMS that aligns with the needs of modern retailers in terms of agility, scalability and ease of use !


With OneStock you’ll get a faster time-to-value and lower TCO

 Our solution is extensible like a tool-box but is above all a off-the-shelf product ready to use.


Full scope

Ask to see a demo and you’ll immediately feel the depth of our solution and how everything you need is natively available and natively configurable.


Self-service configurability

Many options are available for business users to be modified on the go without needing specific developments and help from internal IT


Best-in-class store app

Our OMS comes with a native application for Store adoption, no need to rebuild UX/UI


Conceived to easily add new sales channels and regions

For instance easily plug new marketplaces or a new call center, creates virtual stocks and/or dedicated orchestration rules for a dedicated region

OneStock is addictive and user-centric

Our order management solution is easier and funnier to use – and that’s why it’s more used and it brings better ROI.


Intuitive user interface

Our Store App boasts a user-friendly interface with clear navigation and intuitive workflows adapted to the unique requirements of your store teams. It streamlines the management of daily tasks across multiple devices, including inventory management, order fulfilment and customer service.



Our solutions incorporate gamification elements that motivate store teams, instilling a sense of urgency that drives efficient order fulfilment. This has resulted in high adoption and superior performance in real-world scenarios, particularly with our Ship from Store feature.


No code approach

OneStock empowers your supply teams to effortlessly monitor and modify sophisticated order orchestration rules through a visual, drag-and-drop interface – no coding skills or IT support required.


Actionable insights

Our Business Intelligence Suite is unmatched in its ability to provide business leaders with a deep understanding of on-the-ground operations in near real time. It identifies bottlenecks, highlights areas for improvement and offers invaluable insights crucial for informed decision-making.

OneStock is built on best-of-breed SaaS standards

Consider OneStock as a turnkey solution for composable commerce.

MACH certified

OneStock is one of the few Order Management systems in the world certified by MACH Alliance as a Microservice, API First, Cloud and Headless technology.


Compose your architecture with our off-the-shelf ready-to-use connectors within our Extension portal.
Access our portal now.

Support your growth

We currently process 2.5bn orders annually and scale up – we guarantee an SLA of 99.99%

Experienced partners

Our partner network is trained on OneStock and ready to help you if you need technical or functional assistance

After over a year of use, OneStock has proven to be a tremendous way for us to reduce depth of markdown, increase margin and greatly improve sell-through. Another benefit of the solution is that we now have visibility of the true potential of our brand! Online customers are no longer diverted from the site because of product unavailability, it becomes easy to identify true demand and the ability to convert.
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Josh Towb

Business Transformation Manager

OneStock OMS in numbers



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Orders orchestrated

The OMS was the missing piece from our IT system. The OneStock results seen at other retailers and the extremely short implementation time really guided our decision. We are eager to be able to improve the quality of services for our customers and optimise our omnichannel order management.
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Franck Dartois

DSI de la communauté