Reporting & Analytics

Unlock actionable insights for better business performance

An Order Management System (OMS) doesn’t just assist in operational tasks. The successful management of omnichannel inventory and orders requires a test and learn approach and powerful insight into strategic outcomes. An OMS must therefore provide robust analysis and reporting capabilities to help companies optimise processes, improve decision making and drive growth.

What are the benefits of omnichannel analytics?

Advanced omnichannel and Order Management System analytics

Increased profitability

Analytics provide insight into customer orders across channels, enabling companies to optimise inventory management. This approach ensures better resource allocation, leading to an increase in sales and revenue opportunities, and improved profitability.

Advanced operations management

Omnichannel analytics enable companies to identify potential problems in their order fulfilment workflows. By optimising these processes, companies can improve operational efficiency to achieve logistics success.

Key benefits of OneStock’s Dynamic Store Fulfilment

Omnichannel analytics allows companies to take a data-driven approach to decision making, resulting in optimised operations and improved efficiency.

By analysing data on order fulfilment, delivery times and customer returns, companies can identify and address operational bottlenecks, resulting in faster order fulfilment, lower shipping costs and fewer returns, all of which contribute to increased profitability.

These corrective actions also help to deliver seamless customer experiences, resulting in higher satisfaction, repeat orders and increased revenue.

OneStock’s advanced analytics capabilities

At its core, the OneStock Order Management System’s advanced insights and analysis capabilities enable organisations to unlock the true potential of their data. Whether through our free omnichannel analytics or our advanced BI Suite, our commitment remains the same: to provide a robust platform that acclelerates growth and drives innovation. It’s not just about accessing data, it’s about empowering businesses to succeed in an increasingly data-driven world.

OneStock’s OMS includes free reporting and analytics capabilities that are accessible to all customers. This allows businesses to harness the power of data-driven insights at no additional cost. Customers can access a set of standard reporting tools that enable them to monitor key performance indicators, track order fulfilment metrics and gain a comprehensive view of their operations. This provides the foundations for informed decision making, driving efficiencies and streamlining processes.

Advanced omnichannel and Order Management System business intelligence