Business Intelligence Suite

A pivotal tool to optimise sales, manage costs and enhance customer satisfaction.


Business Intelligence Suite overview

The Business Intelligence Suite (BI Suite) is a robust insights tool, specifically designed to enhance the analysis and understanding of omnichannel order management.
The data contained within this module serves as a valuable resource to rapidly pinpoint current performance and identify potential areas for enhancement.

Business Intelligence Suite
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Improved profitability

The Business Intelligence Suite allows organisations to track various cost-related metrics, such as order preparation times and carrier performance. It becomes easy to identify areas where costs can be reduced or optimised, leading to more sales and better margins.


Evaluate your ROI

In the ever-evolving realm of omnichannel operations, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Simply having the necessary services in place isn’t enough. Thanks to relevant reports and KPIs, the Business Intelligence Suite easily identifies the ROI for an OMS and each of its services.



The Business Intelligence Suite enables organisations to benchmark their performance against industry peers. This competitive analysis can highlight areas where improvements are needed to stay competitive.

Today, we can no longer work without the BI Suite – when we see where we’ve come from compared to where we are, we’ve taken a big step!

Hafid Idoufkir

Procurement & Retail Stock Manager
Petit Bateau

Business Intelligence Suite benefits

OneStock BI Suite offers several significant benefits for retailers and B2B organisations:


Improved operational efficiency

Organisations can set up alerts and notifications to be automatically informed when specific indicators reach certain thresholds. This proactive approach enables retailers to address issues promptly.


Better customer satisfaction

By analysing data related to order cancellations, preparation times and delivery promises, brands can address issues identified through the BI Suite that can lead to better customer experiences and increased loyalty.


Enhanced business insights

The BI Suite provides merchants with a deeper understanding of their omnichannel operations. It offers valuable insights into KPIs related to order management, stock points, items, delivery promises and more. Brands can gain an exhaustive view of their business, helping them make informed decisions.



Why did OneStock decide to create its own BI tool

Most OMS solutions in the market offer services without a data modelling component, leaving brands to manage this internally. In stark contrast, the BI Suite is a turnkey analytics tool, reinforcing OneStock’s position as a strategic partner and underscoring the relevance of our solutions across diverse business functions, facilitated by precision-driven analytical reports.

What is the technology behind the BI Suite?

Underpinning the BI Suite’s capabilities is SiSense, an exceptionally potent and innovative solution. SiSense marries cutting-edge data analysis functionalities with an intuitively designed interface to deliver easily understandable, actionable insights into your omnichannel operations.

What kind of information is available in the BI Suite?

The BI Suite offers a wide range of pre-built reports covering business indicators such as cancellation rates, store performance, preparation times, split rates, Click & Collect order details, and more. Indicators are in real time but it’s possible to have views on aggregated values of the data at your disposal, allowing teams to track sums, averages, numbers of occurrences – showing trends and KPIs, not just values. For instance, you can track the evolution of time spent on each order preparation step per store/country/order type, the reasons for order cancellations, the differences between estimated and actual delivery times, etc.

Which reports can be found in the BI Suite?

The BI Suite dashboards are thoughtfully categorised into key areas, including:
Orders and their preparation
Stock points and their performance
Items and their lifecycle within orders
Delivery promises and their success
Inventory and its distribution

Is it possible to create custom reports?

The BI Suite allows users to create custom reports tailored to their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that retailers can focus on the metrics most relevant to their business goals.

What are the BI Suite’s key KPIs for General Management?

General Management can access reports for comprehensive insights into all order-related data, encompassing volume, value, best-performing stock points and the distribution of store versus warehouse stock.

What are the BI Suite’s key KPIs for Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management can gain deeper insights into supply, load anticipation and order preparation. Analyse the most frequently used carriers for order deliveries and gain a detailed view of stock locations. Evaluate KPIs related to fulfilment speed and splits

What are the BI Suite’s key KPIs for E-commerce Management?

E-commerce Management can enhance digital operations with alerts on problematic orders that are created and orchestrated but remain unprocessed. Monitor cancellation rates and preparation times with special focus on online orders

What are the BI Suite’s key KPIs for Retail Management?

Retail Management can gain a nuanced understanding of store performance, including additional store sales driven by the OMS, stores that have processed the most orders within a specific timeframe, and web-to-store and store-to-web performance.