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Click and Collect overview

Click and Collect, also known as Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS), is a service that allows customers to make purchases online and collect them from a store at their convenience. This fulfilment option offers customers greater flexibility and an opportunity to avoid paying shipping costs. Click and Collect is an efficient and customer-centric solution that enhances the overall shopping experience by seamlessly integrating digital and physical retail channels.

How is “Unified” Click and Collect different?

OneStock’s Unified solution can detect in real time whether an item is in stock at the selected pick-up store. This eliminates the need to send items from the central warehouse to stores when they are already available at the pick-up store and allows customers to benefit from express collection services, with pickup in as little as one or two hours.

Why should you implement Click and Collect? 

Maintain margins

Generate a higher online conversion rate while reducing transportation costs where procurement logistics are unnecessary for getting products to the pickup store.

Increase foot traffic

Drive more customers to physical store locations, potentially leading to additional in-store purchases and upselling opportunities.

Align with evolving customer shopping preferences

Offer a more satisfying shopping experience with reduced shipping delays and increased flexibility.


Click and Collect
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Unified Click and Collect

OneStock’s solution identifies in real time whether an item is available at the customer’s preferred pick-up store. This removes the need to transfer items from the retailer’s warehouse to the store and can enable express services in just one or two hours.

Click and Collect benefits for our customers

of online orders are placed through the 1-hour C&C service

OneStock’s 1-hour Click and Collect solution helped us deliver customer convenience and speed of collection into our customers’ buying journeys at a particularly important time. When pet owners make a purchase, especially if it’s pet food or essential accessories such as bedding, they want to access it as quickly as possible in order to care for their pet. On average, an order placed with the 1-hour C&C option is ready to collect in just 30 minutes.
Chris Holyland

Chris Holyland

Group Digital Director


How does unified C&C work?

For customers, the process remains the same: they can browse and purchase products online via the retailer’s website or mobile app. At checkout, after selecting the Collect in store option and selecting a preferred store location for collection, they are informed of the expected day/time they will be able to collect their order. Retailers have a real-time view of where the purchased items can be sourced, from the pickup store, another store or the central warehouse. If the products are available at the collection store, the retailer can offer an express C&C option.

How can companies successfully implement BOPIS?

To implement the solution effectively, companies must maintain real-time inventory visibility across all sales channels to prevent overselling, ensuring customers can only place C&C orders for available items and select express services for items already in stock at their chosen store.

Why is C&C a must-have?

In a highly competitive online retail market, providing BOPIS ensures brands can meet the expectations of modern consumers who seek seamless shopping experiences. Offering express services further sets retailers apart from their competitors by offering an even more efficient and convenient customer experience.

What are the benefits of C&C

It offers several benefits, including:
Increased footfall: BOPIS drives customers into physical stores, creating additional sales opportunities.
Improved stock management: Unified C&C optimises the outflow of stock from the store thanks to intelligent order routing.
Added convenience: Customers can collect their orders free of charge without having to wait for delivery. In addition, orders are typically available for collection sooner than home deliveries.

How will it change the daily workload of store staff?

Implementing BOPIS can change day-to-day activities for store teams in several ways, bringing both new responsibilities and opportunities for enhanced customer engagement. Store associates need to be trained in the correct picking, packing and shipping procedures. Thanks to a highly intuitive Store App, OneStock enables store staff to easily manage the order process from order preparation to delivery.

Is there any special equipment required in store to use BOPIS?

Very little in-store equipment is required:
Order pickup area
Barcode scanners or mobile devices