Build the commerce experience you want with our trusted Order Management APIs

OneStock’s Order Management APIs are publicly available to software developers

Compose, customise and extend every feature of our Order Management System – from storefront and checkout to backend integrations – creating unique experiences for your brand, for your suppliers and, above all, for your customers.

OneStock’s system-agnostic solution is already integrated with many types of systems (E-commerce, ERPs, WMS, POS) and many different vendors for each. Whether your architecture is comparable to existing OneStock customers, or you need to integrate with other systems or connect other tools, our APIs make it possible.

OneStock is open, flexible and

OneStock OMS is our open and flexible platform, built natively on microservices. You can create unique customer experiences using our APIs, connect data sources across your technology stack and build any app, connectors or automation you need, using the languages you love.

Our OMS is MACH-certified, which means that it has successfully passed each of the MACH Alliance’s certification processes to ensure it follows MACH principles: it is Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native Saas and Headless.

To find out more about MACH, visit

Better understand OneStock’s architecture 

Order Management APIs

Every feature is available through APIs

All the microservices are communicating via API calls. UX are only calling existing APIs.

Easy to build your services integration layer

Build your own extensions and integrate them into the Store App or backoffice.

No code workflows

To automate easily with no code required, try our Workflow Builder.

OneStock’s APIs have resource-oriented URLs

Each microservice provides HTTPS REST APIs, using JSON format, enabling access to its resources independently from other services.

OneStock’s Order Management APIs overview 

Product information managementStock buffersOrder orchestration
Stock location managementStock reservationsPayments
User managementDocument managementDelivery Promise
Stock managementOrder managementConfiguration management

For more information on the main functions of OneStock OMS, access the API Guide.