Mobile Point of Sale
Reduce the time your customers spend waiting in queues with Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

In addition to product unavailability, there is nothing worse for your customers than when they come to the store and face a long queue to pay for their items.

Improve the customer experience with Mobile POS

Mobile POS technology enables store staff to process credit card payments directly on their mobile sales devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)

The Mobile POS improves the customer experience by enabling you to:

  • Offer a high quality service that reduces customers’ waiting times
  • Proceed to quick payments anywhere in store in order to streamline store traffic
  • Reduce the risk of customers abandoning their basket

It is also possible to place a single payment for store-bought items at the same time as placing an in-store order.

This is a winning strategy for brands because they improve both their image and the shopping experience in store.

Reduce queues of customers with Queue Busting

Setting up Mobile POS in stores allows retailers to deploy the Queue Busting service.

The OneStock Queue Busting service allows a store assistant with a terminal to scan a customer's items whilst they are queuing at the cash desk. Following this, a ticket with a barcode is given to the customer. The cashier only has to scan this unique barcode and proceed to payment.

As a technology, Queue Busting is much appreciated by customers because it:

  • Helps to decrease queuing times
  • Allows them to benefit from personalised contact with the store staff

OneStock Mobile POS and Queue Busting technologies are additional to our Order In Store solution and enhance the in-store shopping experience.

Mobile POS and Queue Busting: two innovations to improve the customer experience

Mobile POS and Queue Busting allow you to significantly improve the in-store shopping experience for your customers.

Shorten queues at the cash desk

Easy payment available from anywhere in the store

Closer relationships with customers

A digitalised in-store experience

Reductions in basket abandonment by customers

A better experience with the brand

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