Our OMS Capabilities: The most advanced solution on the market

Comprehensive scope and key differentiators for each of our omnichannel solutions

Strong functional lead on Ship from Store

Solutions that are unique to the market: Delivery Promise, Future Stock and Supply Chain Orchestration

Business-oriented orchestration rules

Advanced business intelligence tool

Ergonomic, all-in-one solution


Our OMS Capabilities
A comprehensive scope

The OneStock OMS is a SaaS solution that unifies your stock and orchestrates your orders. You can easily add all of our omnichannel solutions to it ‘as you go.

In addition to our full scope of omnichannel solutions, we also have several key differentiators. These differentiators are OneStock’s unique features and functionalities that we are continually developing, and constantly integrating new ones.

Our OMS Capabilities
Our differentiators by solution

Business Intelligence Suite

We provide a business dashboard that is much more advanced than any other OMS solution provider. 

Ship from Store

We are Europe’s leading Ship from Store experts and have the largest number of projects. Our teams have extensive experience in all industries and will make your Ship from Store project a success. Our Ship from Store solution features a major innovation: competitive allocation. With this, our Ship from Store cancellation rate is only 5%. No other OMS provider has this innovation and almost 100% of our customers use it!

Order in Store

Our Order in Store solution is very easy to deploy and works with all store terminals. 

The pay-by-link option reinforces the solution and makes it easier to use, especially when the POS terminals can only be controlled by the cashier.

The option to create mixed baskets allows customers to purchase Order in Store products, that aren’t available on the shelves at that time, with products that are available, all in the same order.

Click and Collect

OneStock’s Click and Collect solution allows business teams to change orchestration rules easily and goes beyond what is typically offered by software providers:

Reserve and Collect 

Similar to our Click and Collect solution, Reserve and Collect is simple to implement and incorporates specific functionalities.

The features that differentiate our offering are: 

In-store Appointments

OneStock’s In-store Appointments solution is comprehensive and includes :

Omnichannel Returns

OneStock allows you to easily manage all possible returns scenarios thanks to an ergonomic interface: pre-printed, self-service, in-store, via customer service, in a mailbox etc.

Another advantage of in-store returns is that the vendor interface is straightforward to use and the application manages the automatic refund to the customer. 

Scalable Store Fulfilment

We offer a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution that adapts to your business and retail processes.

Future Stock

We are the only OMS provider to integrate products that are still in the process of being manufactured, replenished or delivered, into your customers’ buying journey.

Delivery Promise

Our Delivery Promise is the most comprehensive on the market and takes into account issues such as Same Day Delivery, bulky items, the environment etc.

Supply Chain Orchestration

We are the only OMS to offer this functionality to help retailers with multiple warehouses.