Stocktake & Transfer
Improve the tracking and flow of your store stock

Thanks to simple and ergonomic apps, your store staff take care of in-store logistics and ensure optimal stock tracking. Gather together all store staff operations in a single app to simplify their everyday tasks and improve efficiency.

In-store stock receipt

Upon receipt of new stock into a store, your store staff are able to scan all products. This process validates the receipt of all units and sends a confirmation to the ERP to consolidate the level of stock for each store.

Thanks to the OneStock app, your store staff carry out all their operations via a single interface, stocktake, fulfilling orders to ship (Ship from Store, Click & Collect, etc), clienteling, thus reducing costs related to your stock management.

Shipping / Transfer between stores

In order to balance stock between your different channels and reduce the number of unsold items at the end of a season, you have the option to transfer stock from one store to another, thanks to OneStock.
Your store staff receive the list of products to be shipped and their quantity.

After scanning all products, items are redirected to stock at the target stores in the same country, internationally or even to outlet stores.
You can also manage product end-of-cycle return campaigns to ship back to warehouses or suppliers.
After each shipment or transfer, your store staff receive a shipping confirmation in the interface, which updates stock in real time.

Full stocktake

With OneStock, your store staff have all the necessary information at their fingertips! They can quickly consult and check the number and status of stock for a given reference and inform the customer. Thanks to "Offline" mode, they can continue their stocktake and consult product data, even in the basement or stockroom without an internet connection.

Schedule time slots for stocktake and transfer operations (off-peak hours, days with low footfall, etc) in order to avoid disturbing the work of your store teams, so that they can focus on the most important thing: your customers!

Stock updates

The store assistant or picker can provide extra information about the status of each article: unavailable, already sold, reserved, damaged, etc. It updates the status of the stock immediately.

This gap between the logical and physical stock position at the point of sale is then logged and systems automatically updated. The reliability of logical stock is therefore ensured continuously as differences between data held and the physical reality are reconciled, without waiting for the end-of-season stocktake.

The advantages of OneStock stocktake & transfer

The OneStock stocktake and stock transfer feature allows you to improve the management and tracking of stock in order to help you to better sell your stock all through the year.

Make life easier for your store staff

Reduce stock management costs

Check the amount and status of stock

All your store staff tools in a single app

Improve stock tracking

Secure data on departures from and receipt of store stock

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