Store as a warehouse
Optimise picking and in-store operations

Facilitate item collection and picking for your store staff or pickers. Optimise picking routes and benefit from reliable tracking of order preparation. Use the best processes usually dedicated to warehouses, which have now been adapted for your store staff.

Store Fulfilment: efficient online order and reservation management

Whether for large stores (several thousand square meters) or even small shops, Store As A Warehouse interfaces take your store staff (or pickers) step-by-step through the preparation of orders from the different omnichannel scenarios: Ship from Store, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect, try-on in store, etc.

Improved Store Operations Management: Picking, Order Consolidation, Packing, Storage

The steps and scenarios for order preparation are adapted according to the criteria and processes of each brand. OneStock allows you to add or remove steps to make the process easier for your store staff.
Optimised Picking
From the ‘orders to fulfil’ listing page, the store assistant (or picker) is able to filter and rank the picking of orders according to your criteria:
  • By department, category or range (for example: Shoes / Men / Sports Apparel)
  • By type of order: Ship from Store, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect
  • By shipping method: standard, express
  • By quantity: single product or multiple items ordered
This therefore provides them with an optimum picking route, allowing them to speed up the order preparation process.
Order Consolidation / Bin Allocation

Once all products have been collected, the picker scans each item and a corresponding bin. Each bin contains one single order.

This order consolidation ensures the process of preparing an order can be tracked and ensures the correct preparation of each order.


The picker or store assistant can then proceed to the packing of online orders to be shipped. In two clicks they can print the delivery note and the carrier label, and ensure that no essential documentation is forgotten in order to move to the shipping stage.

Via the interface it is easy to differentiate Click & Collect orders, coming from the warehouse or from other stores, from Click & Collect Express orders that must be bagged in-store more quickly. The store assistant then inserts the collection slip into each bag.

Storage / Shipping area

Depending on the size of your point of sale area and your processes, it is possible to add a step allowing for the storage of orders according to shipping method.

For example, for Click & Collect orders the store assistant will scan the bag before scanning the storage area allocated to this delivery method (cupboard, drawer, stockroom). This step allows brands to reduce the customer waiting time when they come to collect their order in store.

Store As A Warehouse: the best warehouse processes adapted for stores

All OneStock store staff interfaces have been designed by retailers for retailers. Very user friendly and responsive, they can be used on all your devices (Scanner, Smartphone, Tablet, etc) and do not require any prior training. You will benefit from the reliability of processes normally used in warehouses for your in-store operation.

Save store staff time

Make the preparation of orders easier

Adapts to your order preparation steps

Correct preparation and tracking of orders

Responsive solution

Improve the customer experience

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