Our Technological Approach
Modern IT architecture for a perfect omnichannel experience

Building on more than ten years of Research & Development (R&D), OneStock benefits from a powerful, scalable and modern information technology architecture. Our R&D experts use the best processes and technologies to ensure that they provide the best service and deliver a highly reliable and agile SaaS OMS.

The SaaS OMS

R&D has always been part of OneStock’s DNA. Founded by three researchers and professors in computer science at INP-ENSEEIHT in France, the solution has been developed since its conception in SaaS mode to offer more flexibility and agility to retailers around the world. Continuous R&D investment allows new features and modules to be added. The OneStock roadmap is constantly evolving and it represents the gathering together of our research, studies, analysis and feedback from our OneStock User Club, made up of omnichannel experts and European retail leaders.

“Always updated!” - New modules and features are constantly added to the OneStock core software and activated according to your needs. This avoids the frustrations of versions that don’t match and difficult upgrades. It saves time and gives you peace of mind!

From an infrastructure perspective, the solution offers scalability and can be immediately adapted to your needs, especially during major sales operations, such as the opening of a new store, sales, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Microservice architecture

Built as microservices, the OneStock application is composed of independently deployable services for more modularity. The microservices architecture simplifies the platform management and offers more security through better control in case of problems. Functional updates and technological choices are made on small perimeters, adapted to different needs, thus ensuring they are independently deployable (through the redundancy of the components) and they provide scalability at a controlled cost!

APIs: A fast and easy connection

Thanks to APIs, OneStock can be connected to your legacy IT system easily and quickly (taking four months on average). All features are available as APIs, fully secure and easy to use (HTTP REST).
The solution comes with clear and full documentation created for developers.

24/7 support

The OneStock solution hosts all data in a secure certified environment (ISO27001, SOC1-2 and PCI DSS certified) consisting of multiple physical servers around the world ensuring excellent availability.
OneStock teams ensure operational security through 24/7 continuous platform monitoring.

Interfaces in multiple languages

Stock issues have no borders! OneStock provides interfaces translated into more than ten languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch. Created for an international market, adding a new language is simple and can be done dynamically in just a few minutes.

The benefits of the OneStock technology approach

Excellent availability

Automatic scalability





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