Ship from Store and BOPIS strategies in omnichannel retail
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Ship from Store and BOPIS strategies in omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retailers must seamlessly bring together various online and offline touchpoints to provide consumers with a unified and cohesive shopping experience. The need for sophisticated solutions such as Ship from Store and BOPIS (provided by Order Management Systems) become paramount to not only meet customer expectations but also to thrive in an era defined by rapid technological advancements and changing consumer behaviours.

Strategies to enhance Ship from Store in omnichannel retail

Ship from Store (SFS) has emerged as a game-changing approach to fulfilment, using in-store inventory to fulfil online orders and transforming brick-and-mortar stores into dynamic fulfilment centres. This strategic shift allows retailers to unlock the full omnichannel potential of their physical store network and capitalise on the proximity of stores to customers.

Using Ship from Store capabilities delivers gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction. By using the inventory available in physical stores, retailers can significantly reduce delivery times, enhance cost-effectiveness and optimise overall inventory management. This approach not only meets the growing demand for rapid order fulfilment but also fosters a more responsive and agile retail ecosystem.

Ship from Store benefits:

On average, brands using OneStock OMS increase their online sales by 25% by shipping orders from stores

  • Faster delivery times: One of the primary advantages of adopting the Ship from Store strategy is the reduction in delivery times. By strategically dispatching orders from the nearest available store, retailers can ensure that products reach customers as quickly as possible. This not only meets the expectations of today’s on-the-go consumers but also positions the brand as a leader in prompt and reliable service.
  • Better cost management: SFS brings inherent cost-effectiveness to the fulfilment process. Leveraging existing store infrastructure minimises the need for additional distribution centres and associated operational expenses. It also allows retailers to intelligently allocate orders based on store efficiency, stock levels and local carrier costs, leading to a lower-cost fulfilment model for maximum profitability.
  • Inventory optimisation: Efficient inventory management lies at the core of successful retail operations. SFS not only reduces the risk of overstocking in centralised warehouses but also optimises the use of in-store inventory. This ensures stock levels align with real-time demand, preventing stockouts and excess inventory costs. As a result, retailers can achieve a balance between meeting customer demands and maximising inventory efficiency.

Revolutionising retail convenience: BOPIS in omnichannel retail

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS), or Click and Collect, has emerged as a strategic response to customer demand for convenience, completely reshaping the omnichannel retail experience. BOPIS bridges the gap between online and offline shopping, providing customers with the flexibility to make purchases from the comfort of their homes and conveniently collect their items in-store.

BOPIS has gained immense popularity as a fulfilment model as consumers increasingly seek seamless omnichannel shopping journeys. This strategy capitalises on the strengths of both online and brick-and-mortar retail, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances the overall customer experience.

BOPIS benefits:

Our client Pets at Home has an average preparation time of 30 minutes for express Click and Collect orders. Today, 1 in 5 online orders is placed through the express Click and Collect service.

  • More convenience: BOPIS puts convenience at the forefront of the customer experience. Shoppers can browse and purchase items online, eliminating the need to navigate crowded stores or wait for a home delivery. With BOPIS, customers have the flexibility to choose when and where they pick up their orders, aligning with their schedules and preferences.
  • Increased foot traffic to physical stores: For brick-and-mortar retailers, BOPIS serves as a catalyst for increased foot traffic. Customers coming in to collect their online orders often engage in additional in-store shopping, leading to cross-selling opportunities. 
  • Better operational efficiency: From an operational standpoint, BOPIS streamlines the fulfilment process. An Order Management System plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless execution of BOPIS, ensuring orders are accurately prepared for customer pickup. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also minimises the time customers spend waiting in-store, contributing to a positive experience.

Unlocking retail excellence with OneStock OMS

Achieving operational efficiency and delivering a seamless customer experience are paramount to succeed in an omnichannel environment. OneStock stands at the forefront of retail innovation, and our robust Order Management System (OMS) is designed to address the challenges faced by brands today.

Through a unified platform that connects various channels and intelligently orchestrates order fulfilment, OneStock empowers retailers to optimise inventory, streamline order processing and offer customers an unparalleled shopping journey.

Key features of OneStock OMS:

  • Stock management: Stock management is a must-have capability in the pursuit of retail excellence. This proactive approach to stock allocation lowers the risk of stockouts, ensuring that customers can find the products they want, when they want to buy them.
  • Order orchestration: Efficient order orchestration is another essential part of a successful omnichannel strategy. OneStock OMS intelligently orchestrates orders to the optimal fulfilment location (whether a warehouse, a distribution centre, a store, or otherwise). By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the system optimises delivery times, reduces shipping costs and enhances overall operational agility.
  • Real-time inventory visibility: OneStock provides unparalleled visibility into the entire order lifecycle. Retailers gain insights into order status, inventory levels, and customer interactions in real time. This not only fosters agility but also allows for proactive issue resolution, ultimately contributing to an enhanced customer experience.

Benefits of OneStock OMS:

  • Improved accuracy: OneStock’s precision in managing inventory and orchestrating order fulfilment translates directly into an improved order accuracy. Retailers can rely on the system to ensure that customers receive the right products, in the right quantities, and at the right time. This accuracy not only boosts customer satisfaction but also reduces the costs associated with errors.
  • Enhanced customer experience: At the heart of OneStock’s mission is the commitment to elevating the customer experience. By seamlessly integrating online and offline channels, the system enables retailers to implement services like Buy Online, Pick Up In Store and Ship from Store. This level of flexibility and convenience fosters customer loyalty.
  • Efficient stock management: OneStock OMS optimises stock levels across the entire retail network, preventing overstocking and minimising the costs associated with excess inventory. This ensures that inventory aligns with customer demand, leading to improved profitability.

Overcoming challenges and charting the future of omnichannel retail

Maintaining accurate and synchronised inventory levels across various channels and locations is a pervasive challenge in omnichannel retail. Discrepancies arise due to delayed stock updates, manual errors, and inconsistincies in physical and digital records. This can lead to stockouts, overstock situations and, most critically, a diminished customer experience.

The omnichannel retail model, while offering unparalleled convenience, also introduces complexities in order fulfilment. The challenge lies in orchestrating a seamless flow of orders from various touchpoints—online, in-store, and mobile. As customer expectations for quick and error-free deliveries rise, retailers grapple with the need for efficient order routing, inventory allocation and timely execution.

Addressing challenges with an OMS

OneStock OMS is engineered to tackle the challenge of inventory discrepancies head-on. Through real-time inventory tracking, the system provides a comprehensive view of stock levels across the entire retail network. 

To overcome the complexities of omnichannel order fulfilment, OneStock employs an intelligent order orchestration engine. Based on algorithms, it analyses multiple variables, including inventory levels, proximity to the customer and order volume, to dynamically allocate orders to the most optimal fulfilment location. 

Future trends in omnichannel retail

Staying ahead in an ever-shifting retail landscape requires a keen understanding of emerging trends. As we look toward the future, a number of key trends are shaping the evolution of omnichannel strategies:

  • Seamless integration of offline and online experiences
  • Personalisation and customer engagement
  • Enhanced data analytics for decision-making
  • Sustainability and ethical retail practices

For retailers navigating the complexities of the modern retail landscape, the importance of adopting Ship from Store and BOPIS strategies is undeniable. The robust features offered by OneStock OMS, from real-time inventory tracking to intelligent order routing, empower omnichannel businesses to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

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