Jules, il Order Management System per una migliore promessa al cliente
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Jules & Brice: a shared OMS to improve the customer experience

OneStock has the honour of announcing the start of its collaboration with the leading brands in men’s fashion in France, Jules & Brice.

Currently undergoing a merger, the two major brands in the Happychic Group are at a turning point in their strategy and are taking advantage of this to accelerate their omnichannel transformation. Firmly situated as a leader amongst the mid-range menwear’s brands, the group is also preparing to expand international operations.

Happychic - Jules - Brice - Bizzbee

Happychic currently has 734 stores in 17 countries, including 629 in France, with a turnover of 561.7 million euros in 2017.

A shared OMS for all brands

Happychic, a member of the Fashion3 (pronounced Fashion Cube) ecosystem, has benefited from the feedback of another brand in the group, RougeGorge Lingerie. This is because the lingerie brand has been trying out the OneStock OMS since February 2018. With a doubling in its e-commerce turnover since the first month of using Ship from Store, the brand’s results strengthened the interest of Jules & Brice in the integration of new omnichannel solutions.

Pingki Houang Fashion3

We needed to move quickly in optimising stock management for all our brands. Thanks to the pilot project at RougeGorge Lingerie, we were instantly able to see the benefits of the OneStock OMS and its ROI. We are convinced that Ship from Store is a “must have” for today’s omnichannel retailers.

Pingki Houang – Omnichannel Chief Executive, Fashion3

Improve the customer experience thanks to Ship from Store

Motivated by a desire to reduce customer dissatisfaction linked to online and in-store stock-outs, Happychic wanted to deploy the Ship from Store solution first. During one season its brands suffered from a high unavailability rate, with at least one item in every four unavailable to the online purchaser. The group also wanted to optimise its in-store order system by being able to view the unifed stock of all its brands.  Now, by taking advantage of point of sale stock, Happychic will be able to give access to its entire catalogue, offer more available sizes and thus increase the number of sales.

OneStock Salesforce Nodhos

Thanks to its agility, OneStock’s OMS will be deployed in only four months. The solution will be connected to Jules & Brice’s own IT system composed of: POS System, SalesForce Commerce (formerly Demandware) for e-commerce and Nodhos for the ERP. With this architecture, the strategy of the group is to allow a simple and fast integration of each new brand to the group and thus be able to capitalise on a common OMS.

At the same time Happychic is also thinking about the synergies of stock unification to optimise the management of its Click & Collect solution by sourcing directly from the stores’ inventories. This improved management will offer a much faster pickup time for orders.

We will report back very soon on the benefits of the new omnichannel order management system at Jules & Brice.

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