Order Management System architecture
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A spotlight on OneStock’s Order Management System architecture

Today, e-commerce excellence relies heavily on the capabilities of a company’s Order Management System (OMS). A successful solution encompasses product discoverability, real-time visibility and dynamic order management to enable companies to address challenges in the current e-commerce landscape, accelerate sales growth and enhance profitability.

But this article is not merely a discussion of features and benefits; it’s an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between your existing IT architecture and your Order Management System. It will help you understand why the IT architecture of your OMS provider is instrumental in determining the trajectory of your e-commerce success.

When integrated and customised to meet the unique needs of a dynamic technology ecosystem, e-commerce excellence becomes a tangible reality – with OneStock’s OMS leading the way.

Challenges in the current e-commerce landscape

An Order Management System (OMS) helps businesses to address the challenges faced in the current e-commerce landscape, including:

  • Rising customer acquisition costs
    The escalating costs associated with acquiring new customers present a significant challenge for businesses. In a saturated advertising landscape, brands must instead look to create a competitive customer experience, optimising operations to attract customers without inflating costs. By streamlining order processes, reducing fulfilment costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency, OneStock’s OMS contributes to a cost-effective customer acquisition (and retention!) strategy.
  • Failure to meet new customer expectations
    Driven by advancements in technology and changing market dynamics, customer expectations are evolving rapidly and brands must adapt or risk losing relevance and customer loyalty. OneStock’s OMS tackles this challenge head-on by providing real-time visibility into stock levels and a dynamic delivery promise, enabling businesses to meet customer needs promptly and reliably. The system’s advanced omnichannel capabilities, such as Click & Collect or Reserve & Collect, align seamlessly with consumer preferences to ensure a convenient and satisfying shopping experience.
  • Flagging conversion rates & customer retention
    The e-commerce landscape is characterised by fierce competition and fleeting customer attention spans. High bounce rates and diminishing customer retention are common concerns. OneStock’s OMS addresses these issues by offering high-converting omnichannel services, including flexible fulfilment options and streamlined returns management. By optimising the order management process and providing a seamless shopping experience, OneStock empowers businesses to not only convert more visitors into customers but also retain them for the long term.

OneStock’s Order Management System overview

An Order Management System serves as the backbone of order lifecycle optimisation for brands seeking accelerated sales growth and enhanced profitability. OneStock’s OMS is one of the leading solutions thanks to its application across various industries. From improving product visibility to leveraging new channels for sales growth, OneStock offers many benefits for brands looking to unlock their full omnichannel potential:

  • Real-time view of stock
    Maximising sales opportunities requires a real-time understanding of available stock across all channels. OneStock’s OMS offers a dynamic, real-time view of inventory, enabling businesses to optimise product availability, reduce stockouts and avoid lost sales. This real-time visibility is a strategic advantage in a competitive market.
  • Improved product discoverability
    In the D2C environment, standing out and capturing customer attention is always a challenge. Recognising the importance of product discoverability, OneStock’s OMS provides a solution that goes beyond conventional methods. By enhancing stock visibility, brands utilising OneStock can effectively differentiate themselves in the crowded e-commerce landscape.
  • Automated order orchestration
    Efficiency in order fulfilment is a key driver of success. OneStock’s OMS automates the entire order processing lifecycle, from creation to allocation and fulfilment. Highly customisable orchestration rules adapt to the specific needs of any business, ensuring prompt order delivery, increased fulfilment capacities and a reduction in manual errors that could lead to costly cancellations or returns.
  • High-converting omnichannel services
    To improve conversion rates, OneStock’s OMS offers a range of fulfilment and return options. Accurate delivery promises based on real-time stock, location and carrier information contribute to customer satisfaction. The inclusion of services like Click & Collect and Reserve & Collect not only increases foot traffic but also creates additional sales opportunities, boosting overall conversion rates.
  • Advanced store fulfilment capabilities
    Optimising inventory levels becomes strategic with the ability to fulfil online orders directly from store locations. OneStock’s OMS allows businesses to route orders to stores with lower sell-through, ensuring that stock is available where demand exists. This not only maximises inventory efficiency but also preserves valuable floor space for high-converting products.
  • Streamlined returns management
    Returns are part of e-commerce and handling them efficiently is crucial for customer satisfaction. OneStock’s OMS simplifies the returns process by enabling customers to return items anywhere, regardless of the purchase location. This customer-centric approach contributes to improved satisfaction 

Additional benefits of OneStock OMS

  1. Distributed Order Management expert
    OneStock’s OMS specialises in Distributed Order Management, offering businesses a solution tailored to their specific needs. The system’s adaptability ensures seamless integration with existing systems, providing a cohesive and efficient order management process.
  2. Proven track record with leading brands
    With a track record of success with over 80 brands, OneStock’s OMS has demonstrated its ability to drive sales and enhance operational efficiency. Real-world results speak to the system’s effectiveness in meeting the unique challenges faced by different businesses.
  3. Sector-specific solutions
    Recognising the diversity of industries, OneStock’s OMS offers sector-specific solutions. Whether in retail, marketplaces, or B2B, the system can be tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of different businesses, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of industries.

OneStock OMS integration & customisation

OneStock’s Order Management System is a MACH-certified solution, adhering to the principles of Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless architecture. This approach offers a dynamic and flexible foundation for businesses, accommodating a wide range of needs from standard to advanced. The adaptability of the architecture ensures that the OMS seamlessly integrates with existing information systems, providing a cohesive solution tailored to each company’s unique requirements.

A spotlight on integration process

Integrating a new system can be a complex process, but OneStock minimises the disruption with an efficient integration timeline of approximately 3 to 6 months. This ensures a swift and effective implementation, allowing businesses to reap the benefits of the OMS without prolonged downtime.

  • Out-of-the-box solutions & easy extensions
    OneStock’s OMS is designed with out-of-the-box solutions, reducing the complexity of the integration process. The system’s intuitive interface requires minimal training, and easy extensions can be added via the Extension Toolkit. This simplicity empowers businesses to customise the OMS to suit their specific needs with ease.
  • Connectors, APIs & tools
    To facilitate a seamless integration experience, OneStock provides a range of connectors, APIs and tools. These resources ensure compatibility with various systems, including front ends, ERPs, WMS and last-mile carriers. The flexibility in integration options allows businesses to connect the OMS with their existing infrastructure effortlessly.

A spotlight on customisation

OneStock embraces a global philosophy of a no-code approach to customisation. This means that businesses using the OMS can implement changes and customisations without the need for complex coding. The emphasis on a no-code approach promotes accessibility and agility, allowing users to adapt the solution to their evolving needs.

  • Configuration options accessible via the standard interface
    Configuration options are made accessible via the standard interface of OneStock’s OMS. This user-friendly approach enables businesses to make adjustments, set up the solution and configure it according to their requirements with just a few clicks. The simplicity of the standard interface ensures that users can navigate and utilise the OMS effectively.
  • Custom possibilities
    For businesses with specific requirements beyond standard configurations, OneStock’s OMS offers the possibility of custom extensions. This flexibility allows for additional customisation or extension of capabilities tailored to the enterprise’s unique needs. Whether using out-of-the-box solutions or developing custom extensions, OneStock provides a scalable and adaptable OMS solution.

A dedicated team to ease integration & customisation

Successful integration of an OMS requires a dedicated and proficient team. OneStock recognises the significance of this and ensures that businesses adopting its OMS have the support of a skilled team throughout the integration process. This team is committed to understanding unique business requirements, technical infrastructure and integration objectives.

OneStock follows a well-structured methodology encompassing four essential phases: Design, Develop, Test, and Launch. This methodical approach ensures that the integration process is comprehensive, from understanding business requirements to deploying the integrated solution. Rigorous testing procedures are applied to maintain a high level of quality and alignment with project objectives.

In addition to the internal team, OneStock collaborates with certified Systems Integrators (SIs) to support the integration process. These SIs bring expertise and experience to the table, aligning with OneStock’s methodology to ensure a seamless and successful integration. The collaboration aims to uphold the project’s overarching vision and deliver an OMS solution that enhances business operations.

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