Order Management System and Ship from Store strategy Grain de Malice
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GRAIN DE MALICE selects an omnichannel partner to aid the growth of the brand

The team at OneStock is very pleased to have the opportunity to support Grain de Malice with its unified commerce strategy.

Resulting from the merger of a division of Phildar and Xanaka, Grain de Malice is a women’s fashion brand that defines itself as the brand which listens to women and is tailored to their needs. Since its creation in 2007, the brand has grown thanks to a network of 165 stores across France and Belgium, with a turnover approaching 95 million euros in 2019. Grain de Malice has selected OneStock to support its growth and increase its profitability.

Stock unification to provide full access to the entire catalogue across every channel

With an extensive store network, the Grain de Malice brand is composed of chain stores and concessions. The product range offered by the brand is particularly wide, and, in the past, the many collections were specific to different areas, therefore the available items differed from one store to another, from one region to another.  The range on the website was also incomplete, not displaying the entire catalogue, and as a result the e-commerce operation was faced with the problem of items being out of stock early in the season. After an in-depth functional analysis, the brand selected OneStock’s Order Management System (OMS) to support its unified commerce strategy.

Pauline Thebault Grain de Malice

Becoming omnichannel was quickly identified as a strategic priority to support and accelerate the growth of Grain de Malice. The maturity of the solution and the existing list of OneStock clients, some being members of our group, really convinced us to accelerate the digitalization of our network.

Pauline Thebault – Digital and e-commerce leader, Grain de Malice

Based on stock unification between stores and warehouses, the OMS will allow Grain de Malice to connect all stock locations and offer better product availability. Whether online or in store, the brand will thus optimize its stock flow, whilst also improving the customer experience.

Ship from Store, and Click and Collect : the new role of stores in order orchestration

Given the importance of stock flow for Grain de Malice, the brand has chosen two high ROI omnichannel solutions to increase sales volumes and improve delivery: Ship from Store, and Click and Collect. The deployment of these solutions offers advantages on many levels:

  • For the brand: the optimization of the in-store stock flow and the ability to offer the new preferred order collection method for customers
  • For store staff: increased motivation thanks to an improved opportunity to exceed sales targets and the potential of cross-selling, especially when customers come to pick up a Click & Collect order
  • For the customer: an improvement in the customer experience with the brand, thanks to greater product availability and new delivery methods

This omnichannel project will be deployed in only four months.  OneStock will be connected to the existing IT system, composed of ERP, POS system, Chronopost for Ship from Store delivery and Altima for the e-commerce integration.

David Baillier Grain de Malice

Grain de Malice must manage a strong increase in e-commerce traffic, which mixes a wide range of products, for which sales numbers can vary widely, with a significant rate of collection renewal. The online stock availability can be low, while stock remains available in store. The e-commerce operation has therefore been faced with the problem of items being out of stock early in the season. After an in-depth functional analysis, the brand selected OneStock’s Order Management System to support its unified commerce strategy

David Baillier – Supply Chain Director, Grain de Malice

Onestock will report back soon with the first results from the deployment of Grain de Malice’s Order Management project.

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