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OneStock and Xiatech release results of first-of-its-kind Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey

Survey reveals 70% of organisations that adopted MACH have generated measurable business value 

PRESS RELEASE: OneStock, market-leading Distributed Order Management specialists, and Xiatech, the pioneer of the world’s first ML-powered composable Hyper-Integration Platform, Xfuze, today released the much-anticipated results of their 2023 Business Value of MACH Technologies Global Survey.

Supported by Adyen, Bloomreach, commercetools, Mercaux and the MACH Alliance, the findings from the global benchmark survey of business and technology leaders reveal that organisations are creating quantifiable competitive advantage by embracing the power of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud native SaaS, Headless) technologies.*

Nearly half of the survey respondents witnessed a Return on MACH Investment.  Other findings that can be read in the inaugural “2023 Business Value of MACH Technologies Global Report” include:

  • Measurable Business Value: Overall, 70% of organisations have generated measurable business value from MACH
  • Value – Grow Your Business: 27% of organisations have generated annual revenue between £1 million and £2 million from their MACH investment
  • Value – Optimise Your Business: 65% of organisations have generated savings of up to £1 million per year
  • Value – Top objective: The top three objectives of measuring the value of MACH technologies that came out of the survey are as follows: 35% of executives look at accelerating time to market, followed by improving operational efficiencies (25%) and generating revenue (20%)

“The unique insights from the survey will help business and technology teams to assess, benchmark and further plan the next steps in their digital transformation strategy so they deliver the greatest return on MACH-related technology investments,”  said Jonathan Summerfield, CEO of Xiatech, on the importance of the 2023 Business Value of MACH Technologies Global Survey.

MACH creates competitive advantage, which explains why it’s become one of the most popular frameworks for executives seeking to create a composable, agile business. A MACH Alliance report published in March 2023 revealed that 87% of organisations that increased their MACH investments are more responsive and ahead of the competition because they are able to add or replace business technology capabilities faster and at a lower cost than relying on legacy systems.

Romulus Grigoras, CEO of OneStock commented on the survey “The findings from this survey are really insightful and it’s great to see that 70% of these organisations are experiencing real business value from their MACH investments. We’re delighted to be helping many of our customers’ and partners’ achieve business outcomes such as time to value as they leverage MACH technologies, and it’s great to see this reflected globally in the survey, with 35% of respondents experiencing time to market as a key business outcome.”

Commenting on the survey results, Holly Hall Managing Director at MACH Alliance said, “This is an important initiative that looks to uncover the tangible value of MACH technologies, which are a proven enabler for IT and business leaders to ensure the long-term success of their organisations.”

*The global survey ran between June and September 2023, and included responses from  business and technology executives at end-user organisations from 12 countries around the world.

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