Radley goes omnichannel with OneStock Order Management System
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Radley’s New Digital Store Experience

OneStock is proud to announce the beginning of its collaboration with iconic British accessories brand, Radley London. A London born brand that launched in 1998, they are known for their playful personality and British looking Scottie dog.

Specialising in designing handbags and accessories that women love, the company has 32 stores in the UK, alongside their online presence and international markets.

Order Radley’s Entire Collection In-Store!

Keen to offer its customers a shopping experience reflecting the quality of its products, Radley has selected OneStock to unify its stocks (DC warehouses, stores and more). Thanks to this better visibility, the brand will be able to deploy new omnichannel scenarios :

Order In Store

Order In Store will be the first one. The collaboration on a new application built on Apple IOS, allows Radley’s in-store customers to access the entire product collection (Endless Aisle) regardless of where the item is located. In combination with “Ship from Store” allowing them to sell product not physically present. The software will provide the optimal fulfilment with no dependency on where the product physically resides.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS for an optimised and queue busting in-store experience. Improving checkout speed and allowing the transaction to be processed via the Onestock App partnered with PayPal Here processing payments.

Francis Rodrigues Radley

We wanted to create an in-store digital shopping experience for our customers, offering more product options, higher stock availability and an improved click and collect offering. With Onestock we have the opportunity now to deliver this.

Francis Rodrigues – Head of IT, Radley

With a first phase pilot implementation in less than four months, the OneStock in-store application should quickly become an essential tool in driving sales and conversion.

If you want to learn more about our Onestock in-store app solution, contact one of our omnichannel experts.

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