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With #SaveShops, retailers and consumers unite to save jobs this Christmas

2020 has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and many stores have had to temporarily shut down for several weeks, losing vital revenue. To help counteract the effects of the lockdowns and boost sales for retailers, we have launched the #SaveShops initiative. Our aim is to work with British brands to save jobs and revive the high street by promoting safer shopping this Christmas.

Participating brands include Ted Baker, Phase Eight, Mint Velvet, Jigsaw, Hobbs and more. These brands are uniting to increase awareness of in-store services that support a safer shopping experience for customers while helping to safeguard millions of retail jobs throughout the Christmas period.

Meg Lustman Hobbs

I think it is important to support all initiatives that remind customers of the pleasure of shopping, wherever and however they choose. The omnichannel nature of retailers’ efforts mean that customers can choose how they want to engage with the brand, whether for inspiration, transaction, fulfilment or return.

Meg Lustman – Former CEO and Retail Adviser, Hobbs

Being aware that our UK brands cannot compete with the e-commerce giants that have captured the bulk of the online audience, #SaveShops’ mission is to inform and reconnect consumers with their local and national businesses.

The hashtag #SaveShops guides consumers to a new online hub,, where they can find a list of UK brands offering options such as Click and Collect, Reserve and Collect, personal shopping appointment with a store staff employee as well as home delivery. Retailers that provide any of these services are invited to sign up.

Beth Butterwick Jigsaw

This is a fantastic initiative in what has been an extremely disrupted year. We are looking forward to welcoming customers back to each of our locations with open arms in December. These are more than just places to shop, each one plays an important and unique part in being part of a real community hub. Let our doors open safely so we can listen, support, serve and add a little bit of Christmas joy.

Beth Butterwick – Consulting Partner, Jigsaw

The UK retail industry employs approximately three million people, making it one of the largest employment sectors in the UK. As such, the website acts as a central hub for high street retailers of all sizes and sectors that have adapted their operations during the pandemic, enabling local businesses to connect with customers and continue to trade, while protecting the livelihoods of their staff.

Helen Williamson Whistles

I’m proud to support the #SaveShops movement. Having enjoyed a lifetime working in retail myself, we must now come together to support our local shops and protect the livelihoods of all our shop workers.

Helen Williamson – Retail Adviser and former Managing Director, Whistles

Join the movement, share #SaveShops on social media and shop online with us to save jobs on the High Street.

Romulus Grigoras OneStock

The pandemic has impacted all our lives and forced us to reconsider our priorities, including the way we shop. At OneStock, we have been working hard to develop innovative shopping options that keep consumers safe while enabling retailers to continue trading. With Christmas fast approaching and lockdowns being lifted, it is time for us all to support the retail industry or risk losing the High Street as we know it. The #SaveShops movement encourages consumers to support participating British brands, protecting the future of shops and the millions of jobs they sustain. We wanted to do something positive before it’s too late!

Romulus Grigoras – CEO, OneStock

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