Imperial deploys OneStock Order Management System and Ship from Store
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Imperial unifies stocks to fully benefit from the Ship from Store capability

Onestock is excited to announce its very first Italian client, Imperial Fashion, in its omnichannel transition.

Imperial Fashion was created in 1978 by Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti, 2 pioneers in the production process known as the fast-fashion. Today the brand employs more than 300 collaborators and is distributed in more than 1500 monobrand and multi-brand stores across the globe.

Integrated in only two months, Onestock enabled Imperial Fashion to aggregate all of its storage points (DC Warehouse, Showroom, Stores), to provide a reliable and unified view of stocks to easy deploy its omnichannel order scenarios.

The brand had chosen to start by implementing the Ship from Store capability in order to not miss a single e-commerce order and better balance the flow of its stocks.

Matteo Margini Imperial Fashion

Imperial is a pure 100% Made in Italy fast fashion company and out of stock events are really common for this specific business model. Our product is instantly related to market needs and its lifecycle is too short to build a proper dedicated warehouse, so involving our retail shops as additional warehouses was necessary in order to successfully fulfill a larger number of online orders. We found in OneStock and its orchestration rules a very powerful tool to satisfy our customers. After few months from OneStock implementation we observed a +30% in online sales YoY and we’re sure that without it on board, we would miss a lot of orders.

Matteo Margini – Global Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Imperial Fashion

Soon we will return with the first results of the Onestock implementation at Imperial Fashion.

If you would like more information on implementing our order orchestration solution, feel free to contact one of our omnichannel experts.

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