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OneStock pioneers seamless omnichannel integration with Order Management-Shopify Connector

PRESS RELEASE: February 2024

In a significant leap forward for retailers navigating the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, OneStock is poised to unveil the immediate availability of an innovative application designed to effortlessly integrate OneStock’s Order Management System (OMS) with the Shopify commerce platform

The retail industry is experiencing a rapid evolution, and the demand for omnichannel integration has become more pressing than ever. Omnichannel has transcended from being a choice, to becoming a fundamental strategy for all types of retailers aiming to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive market. While offering multiple shopping channels is a strategic starting point, the true impact lies in the consistent execution of these channels and the seamless customer experience given to customers.

OneStock’s application was built in line with the Shopify guidelines ‘Built for Shopify’ – to ensure an optimal and seamless integration and maintain the highest quality standards, whilst enhancing the overall user experience.

OneStock envisions a retail landscape where order management is easy; easy to deploy, easy to configure, easy for users day to day and easy to track.

This is a major step forward in the retail industry’s journey towards more efficient order management as part of a fully integrated shopping experience. Our OMS features have been available to Shopify users for a long time now, as we have a few customers such as the French shirtmaker, Figaret Paris, using OneStock OMS with Shopify ecommerce. However the ‘wow’ fact here, is that we’ve now gone one step further in seamless integration and, thanks to this connector, are now halving the integration efforts required to add order management to all orders coming to a Shopify platform.

Romulus Grigoras

CEO & Founder

The release of the OneStock OMS-Shopify connector underscores the company’s dedication to providing retailers with a solution that goes beyond traditional boundaries. This connector offers a range of features to mid-market and enterprise businesses, including real-time synchronisation, stock unification, intelligent order allocation, Ship from Store, Click and Collect and Delivery Promise – all of which enable retailers to create a unified and optimised shopping experience for their customers. 

“The inclusion of the OneStock Delivery Promise, with its unique capability to display in real time – at product level pages, before checkout – the delivery date and cost for each delivery option, makes this connector by far the most advanced OMS-to-Shopify connector available on the market today” highlights Romulus.

Brands come to Shopify for our commitment to innovation and our dedicated partner ecosystem that fuels our progress. OneStock’s connector stands out as a great solution, optimising the time-to-value for mid-market and enterprise retailers as they embark on their transformative omnichannel journey. This integration not only streamlines operations for retailers, but also enhances the shopping experience for their customers – providing faster and more efficient order fulfilment.

Nicolas Chavanes

Partnerships Lead EMEA

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