Dune London strides towards omnichannel excellence with OneStock

Enhancing the customer experience for DUNE’s customers

DUNE, established in 1992, epitomises understated minimalism, innovative craftsmanship, and timeless longevity. Founded by Daniel Rubin, a descendant of shoe manufacturers, the brand began as a small concession store on London’s Oxford Street and now has over 50 stores.

The DUNE team wanted to enhance its customer experience strategy, ensuring the retailer was offering unparalleled shopping experiences for its customers with omnichannel retailing. Recognising the evolving needs of the modern shopper, DUNE embarked on a journey to revolutionise and redefine its retail operations across online and offline channels – providing a fully omnichannel experience for its customers. The team were looking to select a partner who could deliver the project within nine months.

The key objectives of the project

To unify DUNE’s stock across all retail channels and maximise sales opportunities
To enhance the omnichannel experience for customers and increase sales and conversions
To implement a proven ‘packaged solution’ with minimal bespoke development
To reduce operational costs and drive efficiencies across the business
To get store staff buy-in with a user friendly solution

Putting the customer first at every touchpoint

Ahead of the project, the DUNE team looked at every single touchpoint in their customers’ shopping journey to see what needed to be improved or changed – from search to placing an order, to purchase to delivery and returns management. Having done this research, the IT team knew that in order to achieve the levels of exceptional customer experience they wanted, they needed to offer their customers additional omnichannel services and have a robust back office system in place to achieve this. As a business with over 10 years experience helping retailers significantly enhance their customer experience, OneStock was well placed to provide its distributed order management system to DUNE.

Rich data integrations to create true omnichannel experiences

Following the implementation of OneStock’s distributed Order Management System (OMS) in October 2023, DUNE now has an accurate (near) real-time view of the availability and location of all sellable stock across their stores and warehouse. 

OneStock’s intuitive OMS allows the DUNE team to configure and modify iterative orchestration rules themselves – putting the customer first at all times to ensure they get the best possible outcome. The orchestration engine relies on data based on inventory and stock location characteristics, to apply the business rules that have been configured. Every order is optimised to facilitate its processing and minimise its cost – both for the business and customer. Each rule can be adjusted by DUNE’S team based on a range of optimisation levers such as maximum number of shipments, type of stock location, stock coverage, distance to delivery address, reliability or average order processing speed, current workload of stock location, number of orders already proposed to the stock location etc.

Implementing best-in-class omnichannel experiences

With the Order Management System in place, the team at DUNE has taken its omnichannel capabilities to the next level:

Offering a Same Day Click & Collect option for customers
Enabling stores to fulfil orders with Ship from Store
Allowing customers to Order in Store
Ensuring a seamless Returns process for customers

Same Day Click & Collect

With OneStock’s out of the box unified Click & Collect solution, DUNE’s customers can now; see which of their chosen items are available in which stores, order from the store of their choice in a matter of minutes and collect on the same day – reducing operational and logistical costs, and significantly improving the customer experience. Previously, Click & Collect shipments fulfilled by stores took 5.5 days.

Ship from Store

Using OneStock’s Ship from Store functionality, DUNE has turned 30 stores into mini distribution centres. Orders are claimed by stores which have the relevant stock, picked and packed, and then shipped to the customer’s selected address. Delivery times have gone from 4.1 days for items fulfilled from stores to just 1 day.

Order in Store

Order in Store allows DUNE’s customers to order a product from an extended range or an out-of-stock item there and then whilst still in-store. With a single view of stock, store teams can offer customers various delivery methods – providing a greater level of convenience and flexibility.

Engaging store teams to provide exceptional customer experience in-store

These additional omnichannel services are making a real difference to employee engagement across DUNE’s store network, which in turn is having a significant effect on customer satisfaction. 

Order in Store is empowering store colleagues to increase engagement with their customers whilst in-store, ensuring no sale is lost and that every customer leaves the store happy. A key part of Ship from Store is the gamification element, where the stores with the relevant stock compete to be the first to claim and fulfil the order – ensuring more orders are fulfilled conveniently for customers. 

Creating an omnichannel experience that is strides ahead of the competition

One of the key indicators for Dune in terms of measuring engaged customers who are loyal and satisfied, is the cancellation rate. Since Go live until now, DUNE has seen a 52% reduction in units cancelled, with the overall cancellation rate decreasing from 2.5% to 1%.


£70K has been saved on the 20% off next order incentive to customers who had orders cancelled, and “Where is my order?” requests have dropped by 77%.

With most of the objectives DUNE had at the start of the project achieved, the next phase is well underway to ensure they are providing a fully omnichannel experience that is boosting loyalty, increasing customer satisfaction and engaging their customers. The roll out of Delivery Promise will give DUNE even more of a competitive edge; offering customers extensive delivery options on the Product page, so they can see exactly when and how they can expect to receive each item.   

dune london store
In today’s fast-paced retail environment, staying ahead of customer expectations is key, and being able to create that seamless and personalised shopping journey for our customers was critical. The IT project was more than an operational upgrade; it was a step towards realising our vision of offering a truly omnichannel experience for our customers and providing an exceptional customer experience every time. Described internally as ‘the best IT project ever’, this has been an incredible achievement for the entire team.

Andy Grainger

Technology & Digital Director

Omnichannel features deployed for Dune London