In-Store Appointment
Offer a preferential experience to your customers thanks to personalised In-Store Appointment

Re-imagine in-store experiences with our solution specially designed for retail and triple the value of the average basket. In just a few clicks your customers can book an in-store appointment online and at the time of their choice. The simplicity of 24 hour access to the store appointment schedule considerably increases the number of appointments booked. The store then confirms the appointment with one click and our software automatically sends a confirmation email and SMS reminder.
Fully customisable, this solution fits and adapts to your business.

In-Store Appointment: offer your online customers a preferential in-store experience

There are many advantages which come with this solution: increase the average basket, create a personalised and long-term relationship with your customers, save time thanks to the booking software, expand your customer database, etc.

Check out some of these benefits:

Release sales staff from one of the most time-consuming tasks

Increase the value of your customers' baskets

Attract more customers into store

Enrich the shopping experience of your brand

Use a customisable solution that responds to your business needs

Decrease the number of customers who are a "no-show" on the day

Thanks to the convenience of In-Store Appointment, our customers are a click away from booking a store appointment. These appointments help us continue to surprise and delight our growing customer base by offering a personal touch tailored to their individual needs. It is a great example of how digital and bricks and mortar can work together to deliver the best experience for the Phase Eight shopper.
James Williams - Director of Online Trading & Marketing at Phase Eight
James Williams - Director of Online Trading & Marketing at Phase Eight

Concretely, how does the In-Store Appointment work?

Easy to use for your customers and for your sales staff, take an in depth look at this tailor-made service.

Appointment form: the customer perspective

The customer can book an appointment on your site in a few seconds.

During this stage, your sales staff can better prepare for the appointment thanks to a personalised contact form that has been populated by the customer (reason for the appointment, time required, customer size, age-bracket, eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, etc.).
The experience is made even easier for your client, as they are able to select a store offering this service thanks to geolocation. In a few seconds the appointment is made based on the time slots you offer!

Sales staff interface: information provided by the customer / product recommendations

The selected store receives the appointment request.

Your sales assistant accesses appointment requests on an ergonomic interface with all the information previously provided by the customer, and can confirm or cancel the appointment, or offer a new appointment time to the customer. The solution has an in-built option of sending an SMS and a reminder e-mail to the customer to avoid a "no-show".
Many features are available from this interface: your sales staff can take notes about the appointment or the customers’ needs, scan items the customer has bought, both liked and disliked, and receive suggestions for items based on the customer’s choices. You can also send a personalised thank you message to your customer by email after the appointment to strengthen the customer brand relationship.


extra appointments scheduled thanks to this 24 hour service.


the average basket value in multiplied by 3 thanks to vendors advices.

By offering tailored appointment services to their clients, retailers create a strong relationship with their brand and bring the magic of personal shopping to their stores. Thanks to the In-Store Appointment, the average order value is usually tripled.
Aurélie Launay Abert - Head of Optimisation Software & Services at OneStock
Aurélie Launay Abert - Head of Optimisation Software & Services at OneStock

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