Stock Unification
Keep control of all your available stock

Unify all your physical stock to maintain a single vision for your teams and your customers. Choose what you want to make available for sale via each sales channel to improve the omnichannel experience and consistency provided by your brand.

Simplified implementation and enhanced visibility

OneStock integrates stock data from all your systems and all types of stock locations: warehouses, stores (branches, subsidiaries, concessions, etc), drop shippers, suppliers, etc.
This stock is consolidated by OneStock and published to the various sales channels: website, marketplaces, in-store orders, etc.

With unified commerce, items are no longer out-of-stock !

Choose the stock you want to sell on each sales channel. Different levels of reserve stock (buffer) are maintained at every stock location, including within the store network, in order to take into account the variation of the physical stock (faulty items, missing items, reserved items, etc) or in order to keep stock for display in store.
Stock available for sale is calculated by OneStock and published to your website(s) in real time. Details of stock and calculations performed are available in the OneStock app. You can also provide your customers with precise information thanks to a store locator function.
Store stock and unified stock can be displayed in store using the Order In Store app. Using this the store staff can better inform customers and know where to find the right product or the right size!

Unify your stock and benefit from the power of being omnichannel

A foundation of being omnichannel, stock unification allows you to fully deploy all your omnichannel scenarios and offer your customers a seamless and unified shopping experience.

A single source for all the information about your available stock

Accurate reporting of stock on all channels

Optimise stock flow

Detailed information about stock levels

Easy integration

Stock updated in real time

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