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Same-day, next-day & beyond: strategies for faster delivery

In the age of Amazon Prime, same-day and next-day delivery have become increasingly normalised, as customers expect to receive their orders quickly and conveniently. If you’re running an e-commerce business, offering fast delivery options can be a great way to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. But these strategies for faster fulfilment can also be challenging and expensive.

Here are some strategies for implementing fast delivery options in a way that is both sustainable and profitable.

What are same-day and next-day delivery, and why are they so important to customers?

Consumers have grown accustomed to the idea that they can place an order and receive it the same day or the following day. These heightened expectations are not limited to a specific type of product or service. From fashion to electronics, groceries to home goods, the desire for fast delivery spans across industries.

Same-day and next-day delivery are fulfilment services that promise to deliver products to a customer’s home in the shortest possible timeframe. There are a number of reasons why these services are important to the modern consumer:

  • Convenience
    Same-day and next-day delivery offer customers the convenience of only having to order products when they really need them.
  • Peace of mind
    Same-day and next-day delivery can give customers peace of mind, especially when they need an item for a specific event or occasion. For example, a customer may need a new outfit for a birthday party. Same-day and next-day delivery can ensure that the customer has the item they need in time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
    Customers are more likely to be satisfied with their shopping experience if they receive their orders quickly and conveniently.

In addition to their benefits for customers, same-day and next-day delivery can also offer benefits for businesses:

  • Businesses that offer same-day and next-day delivery are more likely to see an increase in sales. This is because customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer fast delivery options.
  • Customers who are happy with the fast delivery options offered by a business are more likely to become loyal customers. This is because they know that they can rely on the business to deliver their orders quickly and conveniently.
  • Businesses that offer same-day and next-day delivery can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. This is because customers are more likely to choose, recommend and return to businesses that offer fast and reliable fulfilment.

The role of an Order Management System in fast delivery

To meet customer demands in terms of speed and convenience, businesses need to have a robust Order Management System (OMS) in place. This software solution manages the entire order fulfilment process, from order receipt to delivery. An OMS like OneStock can help businesses with:

  • Unified inventory management
    OneStock offers retailers an all-encompassing view of their inventory, spanning physical stores, warehouses and distribution centres. This unified inventory management ensures that retailers can fulfil orders from the most efficient location, reducing delivery times and costs while preventing stockouts.
  • Intelligent order orchestration
    Gone are the days of manual order routing decisions. OneStock’s intelligent algorithms automatically determine the optimal fulfilment location based on factors such as proximity to the customer, inventory availability and carrier services. This level of automation optimises delivery speed.
  • Real-time inventory visibility
    Fast delivery hinges on real-time inventory updates. OneStock ensures retailers have instant visibility into inventory levels, allowing them to proactively manage stock levels, avoid overselling and keep the risk of delays at bay.
  • Last-mile integration
    The success of fast delivery is heavily reliant on the last-mile delivery process. OneStock seamlessly integrates with last-mile delivery providers, empowering retailers to offer a diverse range of delivery options, from traditional couriers to on-demand services.

The key advantages of fast delivery strategies

Embracing fast delivery strategies with the help of OneStock brings forth a multitude of advantages for retailers:

  • Competitive advantage
    Offering same-day and next-day delivery options sets a retailer apart in a competitive market, attracting more customers and increasing brand loyalty.
  • Reduced cart abandonment
    Fast delivery options can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates, as customers are more likely to complete their purchases when they know their items will arrive quickly.
  • Optimised inventory
    By leveraging advanced order management, retailers can optimise their inventory levels, reducing carrying costs and minimising the risk of overstocking or understocking.
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    Fast and reliable delivery options contribute to higher customer satisfaction, leading to positive reviews, word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.
  • Enhanced data-driven decision making
    OneStock provides valuable data and analytics that retailers can use to fine-tune their fast delivery strategies and drive business growth.

In the modern retail landscape, the ability to provide fast and reliable delivery options is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As consumers continue to seek same-day and next-day delivery options, embracing an advanced order management solution like OneStock is a commitment to staying ahead in a competitive market.

With the tools and capabilities needed to streamline inventory management, optimise order orchesetration and integrate seamlessly with last-mile delivery providers, OneStock empowers retailers to meet and exceed customer expectations, and excel in the world of fast delivery.

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