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Hear direct from Pets at Home at this year’s Retail Technology Show 

The retail landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift, and the pressure to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience is key. We’re delighted to be taking to the stage with our fabulous client, Pets at Home, at this year’s Retail Technology Show! We’ll be presenting a session where the teams will unveil the winning strategies behind Pets at Home’s remarkable omnichannel success – ‘Using new fulfilment capabilities to create the world’s best omnichannel pet care business’

Join us on Day 2 of RTS on Thursday 25th April 25th at 1.55pm in Theatre A, where Joe Whitaker, Head of Digital Operations at Pets at Home, and Joe Till, Sales Director UK at OneStock, will share their invaluable insights.

This session is designed for retail professionals seeking to elevate their omnichannel strategy and unlock new levels of customer satisfaction. Through a compelling presentation and interactive discussion, you’ll gain access to proven tactics that can be implemented within your own organisation.

Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you:

  • Pets at Home’s journey to omnichannel excellence: Discover how Pets at Home transformed their business, leveraging a strategic approach that prioritises customer needs at every touchpoint. Learn how they crafted a unified shopping experience across online and physical stores, ensuring a smooth journey for pet lovers everywhere.
  • Unlocking their full omnichannel potential: Turning stores into fulfilment powerhouses. Explore how Pets at Home, in collaboration with OneStock, maximised the value of their existing infrastructure. See how they strategically converted stores into mini Distribution Centres, creating on-demand fulfilment capabilities and achieving greater agility in meeting customer demands.
  • The true power of composable technology: Speeding up delivery and prioritising customer satisfaction: Delve into the role of OneStock’s composable technology stack in expediting Pets at Home’s fulfilment process. Hear how this innovative platform empowers Pets at Home to fulfil online orders faster, ensuring a delightful customer experience that keeps pet owners coming back for more.

This session is your chance to gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and technologies that are propelling Pets at Home to the forefront of the omnichannel retail landscape. Walk away equipped with actionable insights to:

  • Craft a winning omnichannel strategy that boosts sales and operational efficiency
  • Implement powerful fulfilment solutions like Ship from Store and Click & Collect
  • Prioritise customer satisfaction throughout the entire shopping journey

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from retail leaders and gain a competitive edge! Register for the Retail Technology Show today and secure your spot in this insightful session.

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