The essential omnichannel solution for customer satisfaction
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The essential omnichannel solution for customer satisfaction

While the e-commerce sector is experiencing explosive growth and digital giants like Amazon and eBay have made online shopping 100% convenient, consumers still remain attached to their in-store experience. But your customers will still switch between digital and physical channels along their buying journey, and they want that experience to be seamless. Today, a successful omnichannel customer experience must involve an Order Management System (OMS) solution. Let’s see why.

OMS: the 100% customer-centric omnichannel solution

Your customer’s buying journey is more complex and lengthy than ever before. They now have multiple channels at their disposal to make their purchases. To ensure the customer experience truly connected, you must allow your customers to purchase all of your products on any channel, whether they are digital (e-commerce, social networks, marketplaces) or physical (stores, corners, pop-ups), and let them pick them up or try them on in-store, or have them delivered to their homes.

Thanks to OneStock OMS, it is possible to make the customer experience smooth and consistent by combining all your different stock points and sales channels. At the centre of your logistics operations and existing systems, the OMS optimises the management of customer orders, from start to finish – from when the order is placed to when it is received.

In addition, your customers need to be reassured throughout the fulfilment process and then to be able to return products easily, from anywhere. Through its global and real-time view of stock, the OMS and its Delivery Promise module provide reliable information on the order and estimated delivery dates.

OMS: 3 steps to perfect the customer relationship

The OMS sits at the heart of your technology ecosystem and impacts all stakeholders in your company. As a result, your entire logistics network and order orchestration must be rethought to meet the expectations of your end customers while generating maximum revenue. Let’s zoom in on the three key steps to perfect your customer knowledge:

1. Centralise your data

It is important to understand that the Order Management System has a role as a data centraliser. Analysing this data is essential to having a better understanding of your business – and your customers.

An OMS brings together customer data across all touchpoints, enabling you to offer a 100% optimised or even personalised shopping journey. This omnichannel approach allows your company to simplify order management while delivering a truly customer-centric experience.

Product data is essential for the OMS to have a centralised view of all your products and references in order to optimise their use.

Finally, order data is crucial to effectively orchestrating orders from multiple channels. All your stock-related information is centralised in real-time to determine the most suitable stock point to fulfill incoming orders. This process is carried out according to orchestration rules, adapted to the possibilities and constraints of your business.

All this data must be centralised, secured, and available to benefit from a 360° view of your business.

2. Enriching customer journeys

Today, consumers are accustomed to a level of service that all retailers must be able to offer. By implementing an OMS, you differentiate yourself from – or at least align with – the customer experience provided by your competitors, and add value through the services offered.

OneStock OMS is deliberately customer-centric. It was created to improve satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Depending on your customer’s needs, many omnichannel solutions are available to enrich their shopping journeys:

  • Click & Collect and Express Click & Collect: pick up an online order in-store, quickly.
  • Reserve & Collect: reserve a product online and test it in-store.
  • Order in Store: order, while in-store, products unavailable on shelves.
  • In-store or Virtual Appointments: enjoy a personalised shopping session.

This is a non-exhaustive list – there are many omnichannel solutions available that could be more relevant to your business.

3. Better understanding and targeting of customers

Your customers have become used to an omnichannel shopping journey. They want to easily continue an experience started online in-store and benefit from the same customer follow-up. This is a major challenge for retail.

To create a truly omnichannel customer experience, it is important to have a good understanding of your various touchpoints in order to use them to their full potential. OneStock OMS allows you to improve communication with your customers through confirmation emails and order tracking. Depending on the frequency that you find most appropriate, you can maintain communication and build long-term customer loyalty.

Finally, the OMS coupled with your CRM improves your customer knowledge. This means that your in-store salespeople have all the necessary information about their customers to close a sale, including purchase history, sizing and loyalty benefits.

Are you considering a new Order Management System? Get in touch with us today to book a demo of OneStock OMS.

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