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How to optimise your sales, costs and CX in an omnichannel environment

With the launch of our Business Intelligence module (BI Suite), OneStock has proven its value as a true strategic partner for merchants, manufacturers and B2B players by sharing the data that is essential to all business management. The BI Suite allows you to identify the areas that are performing well and those that need to be improved in the way you operate your omnichannel orders. Much more than a purely technical tool, the BI Suite presents actionable business KPIs to optimise sales, costs and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Gain a better knowledge of your business with the BI Suite

The BI Suite allows you to optimise your sales, costs and customer satisfaction by giving you a set of pre-built dashboards, directly within the OneStock backoffice, broken down into several key areas including:

  • Orders and their preparation
  • Stock points and their performance
  • Items and their life within orders
  • The delivery promise and its success
  • Inventory and its distribution

The available reports present the most useful KPIs and also provide more detailed analysis highlighting trends and evolutions. Analysis can be broken down by sales channel, order type or country.

To allow you to access a deeper level of analysis, the BI Suite also provides a drill-down function to display results according to pre-defined hierarchies. This allows you to use an existing report and benefit from a finer level of analysis. Here are two examples:

  • A date hierarchy, filtering by Year(s) ➡ Month(s) ➡ Week(s) ➡ Day(s)
  • A hierarchy by stock point, filtering on Store/Web Breakdown ➡ Store by region ➡ Store by type (owned, franchised, flagship, etc.)

Optimise your sales, costs and customer satisfaction with accurate reports

Driving your business without accurate data seems like heresy today. However, many businesses with an OMS rely on their internal resources (BI managers) or on global dashboards whose data must be aggregated and analysed to draw plausible conclusions. While the method exists, some data remains difficult to analyse independently. 

The OneStock BI Suite, via pre-built dashboards, is a management tool for your various business departments, allowing them to better understand the management of orders, the way they are processed by the various stock points and, above all, the areas of improvement to improve performance. 

Here are some examples of the reports available in our BI Suite and their concrete benefits for your company:

  • Performance of the various stock points: measure the volume of orders processed, analyse order preparation processes, identify areas for improvement
  • Orders placed: better understand the typical profile of orders by accessing, for example, the revenue generated over a given period, the average basket, the delivery methods most chosen by buyers, the best performing sales channels or countries
  • Open orders: identify preparation problems or unfinished orders and analyse the reasons for these different statuses
  • Store contribution: understand the impact of stores on order preparation, in terms of value and volume, and the evolution of store contribution over the season
  • Order splitting: analyse the impact of orchestration rules and the number of orders served by one or more stock points 
  • Cancellation rate study: understand the volume of total or partial cancellations and the reasons associated with these cancellations
  • Returns management: understand why and where items are returned
  • Carriers: better understand the performance of the carriers your company uses
  • And much more: our BI Suite includes a huge range of reports, so you are bound to find one that answers your questions.

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