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Inside the Shopify-OneStock partnership: a chat with Virginie Pham from Shopify

At OneStock, we’re all about enhancing the retail experience for our clients through innovative technology and strategic partnerships.

Shopify is one of our most important partners, above all considering their success in the market and the fact we share important values such as agility, speed, and innovation. OneStock has launched at the beginning of 2024 a Shopify extension, designed to effortlessly integrate the OneStock Order Management System (OMS) with ShopifyPlus.

To give readers of this partner spotlight an insider look at our recent collaboration, we chatted with Virginie Pham, Senior Partner Manager at Shopify. Here’s what she told us about this exciting partnership!

Could you briefly introduce Shopify and its core business – even if we believe everybody know Shopify already?

Shopify is a leading provider of internet commerce infrastructure, offering reliable tools for starting, growing, marketing, and managing retail stores of all sizes. Our mission is simple: make commerce better for everyone. From small businesses to global brands like Mattel, Glossier, and Netflix, millions of businesses in over 175 countries trust Shopify to deliver a superior shopping experience. We’re not just about eCommerce; we’re all about omnichannel retail, bringing a seamless experience across social, online, and physical stores channels. We help brands to meet customers wherever they are and enable a consistent shopping experience across all channels.

OneStock also is about Omnichannel retail. How and why was the partnership with OneStock initiated?

Merchants come to Shopify for our commitment to innovation and our dedicated partner ecosystem that fuel our progress. OneStock is known for its strong expertise in commerce. They offer sophisticated orchestration rules and seamless integration with the ERP systems our merchants commonly use, making it a great addition to our platform.

What does OneStock bring to Shopify and its ecosystem?

OneStock adds to Shopify’s omnichannel capabilities “beautifully”. With the combo ShopifyPlus + OneStock, customers can view delivery costs and times directly from the product page through to checkout, which boosts transparency and drives more sales conversions. It’s all about creating a smoother, more reassuring shopping experience for our clients and their customers.

Is there a particular feature of OneStock that convinced you it was a good choice for this partnership?

Absolutely! OneStock’s platform is nearly as intuitive as Shopify’s. It offers sophisticated order orchestration through a user-friendly interface, allowing for creative and flexible solutions. A standout feature is OneStock’s Sales Associate app (Note from OneStock: the official name of this app is “Store app”), which is gamified to motivate store teams to engage with tasks like Ship from Store. It’s designed to be fun and rewarding, just like how Uber drivers accept rides.

If you should describe our partnership in three words, which words would you use?

Agile, Speedy, Innovative.

Do we have any customers in common?

Yes, we do! Customers like Figaret, Jott, La Fée Maraboutée, and few others which we still cannot mention publicly are all part of our shared community. These brands are leveraging our combined strengths to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their customers.

How do you see the evolution of this partnership in the future?

OneStock is eager to deepen its integration with Shopify by incorporating a Click and Collect feature into their app. Additionally, they plan to develop an app to complement our POS product. Shopify’s retail team is thrilled about this partnership and is excited to see our retail community grow with such innovative tech partners.

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