OneStock OMS – Shopify Connector


OneStock offers free of charge to all of its clients, as well as to all Shopify users, a connector facilitating the link between the two solutions – Shopify Shop and OneStock OMS.

The application meets the ‘Built for Shopify’ guidelines, has been approved by the Shopify team and is now available in the official Shopify App Store.

Add Order Management System functionalities to your Shopify Platform in less time

The OneStock OMS – Shopify connector allows Shopify clients to use, almost off-the-shelf, the functionalities of the OneStock Order Management System.

This connector offers a range of particularly interesting features for mid-market and Enterprise retailers. Retailers, faced with the proliferation of sales channels on one hand, and the complexity of logistical operations and stock points on the other hand, are currently struggling to optimally manage order processing.

The OneStock OMS allows a real-time unification and synchronisation of stock, intelligent order allocation, Ship from Store, Click & Collect, Delivery Promise, and in general, enables retailers to offer a unified and optimised shopping experience to their customers.

Reduce product unavailability without increasing stock levels

Merchants with multiple stock points now have the ability to eliminate product unavailability by offering their entire inventory for sale. For example, it becomes possible to sell items to online customers that are not available in the warehouse, but are still available in at least one physical store.

Convert more by displaying the right delivery information

Enhance your sales by improving the delivery promise made to your customers. With OneStock OMS, showcase in real time, on every product page and in the basket, all available delivery options, including associated costs, delivery times, number of packages etc. This will bolster your customers’ confidence and encourage increased conversion.

Other benefits of integrating Shopify with OneStock

Enhanced customer experience
Simple and intuitive setup
Shopify-OMS Connector available
Synergies between physical and digital commerce

Are you a Shopify client with an OMS, Ship from Store, Click & Collect or Reserve & Collect project ?


Everything you need to know about this connector Shopify – OneStock

Access the official Shopify App Store to download the app
Connecteur OMS Shopify

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