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OneStock and Xiatech launch the second annual Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey

Mapp, Mercaux, Optimove, Pimberly, Sitoo and the MACH Alliance support global initiative with Xiatech & OneStock to benchmark the benefits of modern composable
technology architecture

London, UK – 11 June 2024: Xiatech, the pioneer of Xfuze, the world’s first AI-powered composable Hyper-Integration Platform, and OneStock, market-leading Distributed Order Management specialists, have today launched the much-anticipated second annual 2024 “Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey.”

Supported by Mapp, Mercaux, Optimove, Pimberly, Sitoo and the MACH Alliance, and running under the “Power of MACH” brand, the purpose of this ground-breaking global survey is to develop the most comprehensive benchmark into the value of composability and, specifically, MACH technologies, which has witnessed significant adoption over the last four years. Gartner estimates that by 2027, at least 60% of new B2C and B2B digital commerce solutions, developed for the cloud, will be aligned with MACH architecture principles1.

Xiatech is proud to partner again with OneStock to run this year’s Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey. This has become, in a short period of time, the go-to benchmark for organisations seeking to confidently determine what business results they should expect from their MACH technology investments,” said Jonathan Summerfield, CEO & Founder of Xiatech.

The findings from the 2023 survey have been used by organisations to support decision-making including benchmark the value they should be generating from their MACH investments, as well as helping teams make the business case for investing in MACH technologies.

“For organisations curious about the MACH journey, as well as for those that have been on this road for a while, last year’s report provided groundbreaking insights and cutting-edge information inspiring decision makers to act. Being able to measure business impact, and recognise the business value of MACH adoption is proving ground for the future. I’m excited for OneStock and Xiatech’s survey again in 2024. I look forward to reviewing the valuable insights for business leaders considering MACH adoption,” said Gireesh Sahukar, Vice President of Digital at Dawn Foods, and a MACH Ambassador.

This year’s global end-user survey of organisations that have adopted MACH technologies will run until October 2024 when the results will be published to the world.  To complete the end-user survey, click here.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Xiatech, and our Supporters, on this important initiative for a second year. The 2023 “Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey” revealed some really unique insights into how organisations are delivering tangible business results from their MACH investments, and we’re keen to see the year on year comparisons in this year’s survey,” commented Romulus Grigoras, Co-founder & CEO at OneStock.

“We are thrilled to support Xiatech and OneStock, as they showcase how embracing MACH technologies can drive tangible business value and competitive advantage,” said Holly Hall, Managing Director of the MACH Alliance. “Through this global end-user survey, their ambition to provide valuable insights into the transformative impact of MACH and composable solutions on businesses worldwide will be invaluable.”

“The core appeal of MACH lies in its dual capacity to bolster operational agility and to equip businesses for scalable, resilient expansion. The assessment of MACH technologies should be sophisticated, weighing immediate operational costs against the potential enduring strategic value for growth; and the results of the Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey will help companies make strategic decisions,” said Heather Hershey, Research Director, Worldwide Digital Commerce CIS, IDC.

Members of the MACH Alliance supporting this important initiative include:

  • “At Mapp, we understand that the future of technology rests on adaptability and integration. Embracing MACH architecture is not just about staying current; it’s about setting a foundation for continuous innovation and growth. The ‘Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey’ offers vital insights that empower businesses to leverage these modular, agile, and scalable systems, transforming challenges into opportunities. We are proud to support this initiative, recognizing its significance in guiding organisations towards more dynamic and responsive business models.”  – Maurizio Alberti, VP of Sales & Marketing, Mapp
  • “Since our inception, Mercaux has championed MACH principles in every solution we bring to market, providing our retail customers with agility, flexibility, and rapid time to value. We are delighted to support this important research once again, enhancing our community’s understanding of perceived value and its evolution over time to ultimately deliver even more exceptional customer experiences.”Olga Kotsur, co-founder & CEO of Mercaux
  • Optimove has long recognised that a broader SaaS ecosystem requires interoperability standards. In fact, Optimove has been composable at the core for years. Leading brands use Optimove’s platform to ensure personalised, relevant, marketing messages that connect with customers in real-time. Extending our proven marketing ROI benefits via a broader set of commerce processes is a real value add, as we can now extend those benefits with MACH Alliance partners, and benchmark those client benefits via the Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey.” – Shai Frank, SVP Product & GM Americas, Optimove
  • “As more companies adopt a composable first, MACH strategy and with more great technology solutions becoming MACH compliant it’s important that we continue to gather valuable insights and share in what’s working and what needs more focus – ensuring we exceed the business objectives for the customer is a fundamental principle for MACH alliance partners and this survey allows you to share your experiences, good and bad.” – Martin Balaam, CEO & Founder, Pimberly
  • “We know flexibility is the future of retail and MACH architecture is essential for retailers to keep pace with the rapid changes we always see in our industry. To think one vendor can keep pace with all the changes happening in retail is crazy. It’s impossible. With the MACH approach that we take and support, retailers can build their own ecosystem with best-of-breed solutions that are built to adapt to change. Supporting the Business Value of MACH Technologies Survey aligns with our vision of driving retail excellence through cutting-edge MACH solutions.” – Jens Levin, CEO & co-founder, Sitoo

1Gartner, “When Should Applications Use a MACH Architecture Approach?” (Gartner subscription required), authored by Paul Vincent, Mike Lowndes, Dave Micko, Anne Thomas, 19 April 2024.

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