Delivery Promise (ATP)
Ensure reliable and accurate delivery information for your customers

The objective of Delivery Promise (ATP - Available To Promise) is to provide reliable and accurate information on a brand’s e-commerce site concerning the availability of products, delivery methods and delivery times in order to provide a buying experience that aligns with the expectations of omnichannel customers.

Delivery Promise: a very valuable promise

The customer experience is at the heart of the challenge for today's omnichannel retailers. It is crucial that items ordered online are available and the delivery date or date for collection is met because:


of customers will not shop again on a brand’s website following a negative delivery experience


of customers will use social media to share their disappointment about a poor delivery experience


of customers abandon their online shopping baskets if the delivery choices on offer are unsatisfactory


of customers will buy from a brand’s competitor if they offer better delivery options

The availability of products ordered, and the delivery date or date for collection must be guaranteed otherwise the brand’s image and turnover risk being impacted.

Real-Time Delivery Promise!

Delivery Promise helps retailers deliver an online shopping experience aligned with the best standards of their pure-player competitors in terms of delivery.

Thanks to the publication of reliable and accurate information about the availability of products provided by the Order Management System (OMS), the different delivery methods and associated times are displayed to the customer, creating a truly omnichannel experience.

From the product description page the customer can see all the information about the delivery promise:

  • Standard
  • Express
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Click & Collect
  • Express Click & Collect

The product page also delivers reliable stock information and it is enhanced by a dynamic display of the different delivery options based on the size selected. The online customer is informed of the remaining time they have to benefit from the delivery promise shown for each delivery option (ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival). They can then choose the delivery method according to the:

  • Delivery time
  • Delivery cost
  • Carbon footprint

Finally, on the shopping basket page, the customer can check or adjust the different delivery times and methods before finalising their purchase.

Same-day Delivery and Express Delivery:
offer premium services

Same-day delivery or express delivery in one to two hours: easily deploy premium services for your customers courtesy of Delivery Promise. Thanks to inventory consolidation and calculations made by the OneStock Order Management System (OMS), it is possible to check the availability of stock in the customer’s local area. This therefore minimises collection times and offers an exclusive omnichannel experience.
The precision and reliability of the delivery promise provided through the power of the OMS are essential for our clients. In addition to optimising order management to increase profitability, the re-invention of the online and in-store experience will create a real asset for our clients vis-à-vis their competitors.
Aurélie Launay Abert- Head of Optimisation Software & Services at OneStock
Aurélie Launay Abert- Head of Optimisation Software & Services at OneStock

Delivery Promise advantages

Benefit from the power of the OneStock Order Management System to display extremely reliable online information about your stock and delivery times.

Publish reliable inventory information

Provide accurate delivery times

Re-invent the online shopping experience

Improve your conversion rate

Stand out from your competitors

Offer modern omnichannel scenarios

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