Order orchestration
Optimise the processing of every order
and take full advantage of being omnichannel

Unifying stock enables the sale of all products at every touchpoint, wherever they sit (DC warehouse, stores, concessions, suppliers, distributors, etc). Therefore, when it comes to optimising every order and increasing profitability, there is only one solution: Orchestration.


Your customers want to be able to buy anywhere and have their order delivered wherever they choose. By bringing together all storage locations in a single view, the agile OneStock Order Management System (OMS) allows you to quickly deploy all your omnichannel propositions for a seamless customer experience:

Ship From Store:

Eradicate online stock-outs by making store stock available for online sales.

Unified Click & Collect:

Allow customers to collect online orders from the store of their choice.

Order In Store:

Offer customers the possibility of buying the full range in store, including out-of-stock items or in range extension.

Reserve & Collect:

Increase your conversion rate by allowing online shoppers to reserve items in their chosen store.


Once your omnichannel propositions have been deployed, Order Orchestration gives you the ability to optimise with ease the processing of all your shipments. You therefore:

Improve the customer experience by avoiding stock-outs

Minimise shipping costs

Reduce delivery times

Reduce your carbon footprint by selecting optimal delivery routes and sustainable means of transport

Balance stock and reduce end of season markdowns

Increase margins and maximise profitability

Order processing optimisation

Combining self-learning algorithms with highly adjustable industry rules, OneStock directs order processing in real time by responding to a range of factors:

  • geographic proximity,
  • transport costs and timings,
  • number of parcels and shipping points,
  • stock levels,
  • store traffic,
  • and many other custom rules adapted to your business needs…

The ideal settings can be achieved at any time during the season thanks to monitoring focused on turnover growth, margin preservation and the enhancement of the customer experience.

An example of Order Orchestration

  1. The customer places an order containing two different products.
  2. OneStock algorithms analyse the availability of articles at all storage points.
  3. One of the two products is no longer available in the central warehouse dedicated to web orders, but is still available in several stores.
  4. Rather than send the order in two packages, dependent on criteria chosen by the retailer, OneStock identifies the most appropriate store from which to ship the package. In this particular case: a store with both products in stock that is the closest to the delivery address.
  5. The customer receives their order in the usual way without knowing that the order has been shipped from a store.
  6. You thus ensure a sale and reduce your shipping costs.

An expert team in Order Orchestration

Our omnichannel experts assist throughout the whole implementation of your order orchestration project. From the consultation phase to defining your propositions, to the writing of user manuals for your store staff, the OneStock team guides you according to your business objectives.

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